LeBron James Thinks Steph Curry Should Be Paid $400 Million

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry just made history by signing the richest contract in American professional sports at a whopping figure of $201 million, after he re-signed with the Warriors for five years.


But while $201 million is definitely not something to sneeze at, beating Mike Conley’s $153-million deal with the Memphi Grizzlies last year, guess who thinks that Steph should get paid more.

LeBron James just broke his silence on Twitter, saying that Steph is seriously getting underpaid for his talents! According to him, the Warriors guard should be getting around $400 million in the span of five years.

The Cavaliers star is arguably the best in the league now, as well as one of the most handsomely paid athletes, so for him to make this statement is a huge deal.

Although the new NBA collective bargaining provision allows star players to sign “super-max” contracts with their teams, the league’s salary cap at $99 million, in fact, holds down players’ income potential.

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