Learn How to Make French Pastries in 10 Days

Our inner child gets giddy when a childhood dream comes true. As for me, learning how to bake cakes and tarts, make ice cream and other desserts is a thing I’ve always wanted to do. That finally happened at Enderun Colleges!

Enderun Pastry0

No matter how old you are, what your real job is, or what you’re currently up to; you can study and learn how to make French pastries at their 10-day boot camp.

It may sound unbelievable; but in just 10 days, they will introduce you to the world of French pastries and teach you how to do them at home.

Enderun Pastry3

A chocolate-y treat in the works

For each session, you’ll arrive at Enderun’s state-of-the-art kitchen with all of the ingredients set on the counter. This way, you don’t need to worry about getting the wrong measurements and ending up with a messed up cake!

Enderun Pastry1

I realized piping is not as simple as it seems, but our chef makes sure we really learn the skill.

You’ll be given two recipes for each session. All of the equipment for cooking and baking are provided with other necessities like aprons, caps, and towels. For a first-timer like me, the first sessions were a bit hard since I wasn’t very familiar with the tools and the machines yet.

Enderun Pastry7

Even though most of us were learning from scratch, though, the chef was very patient when teaching us the basics. Good thing our chef and her assistant Randolph were always helpful and ready to assist.

Enderun Pastry4

For the first few classes, our chef was Chef Moreau Laetitia, a French chef at Enderun Colleges. The faculty members of Enderun happen to be celebrated as some of Asia’s most distinguished.

Chef Moreau made us look forward to every session with her wit, friendliness, and kindness. I remember her saying something that really made sense: “There is no destiny in making pastries. Everything has a reason as to why it happens.” On day one alone, I already learned a lot about meringues.

Enderun Pastry6

Vanille Choux

During the first session, we made lovely pastries like Lemon Tart and my favorite, Choux Vanille or Vanilla Choux. It took us 5.5 hours to finish a few pieces! Quick realization: being a pastry maker is indeed a tough job that should not be underestimated. Skip one step by accident or mix the ingredients in the wrong way, and you could end up with a failed consistency and have to start all over again!

Enderun Pastry2

Paris Brest

Aside from those two, we also learned how to make Bourdaloue Tart, Paris Brest (which has a very interesting history), Pears Charlotte with its addicting biscuit, and Crepes Suzette which was a bit challenging for me.

These classes are part of Enderun Extension, Enderun Colleges’ resource for continuing education. For those who want a competitive edge in the international job market, Enderun offers postgraduate certificate programs in the fields of culinary, pastry arts, hospitality management, business administration, entrepreneurship, and economics. The recipes taught in these classes were from Ducasse Education, which Enderun Colleges is known for.

Whether you’d like to upgrade your skills in baking, learn the basics, or even just try it for fun; this boot camp will make you fall in love with a new hobby. If you have inquiries or want to enroll, contact them through the information below.

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