Lea Salonga Shares Her Cool n’ Useful #DiskarteNaMayArte Tips for Moms

Are you a Lea Salonga fan too? 


I believe she needs no introduction. I must say that I grew up listening to her songs and considered her as one of my role models when I was young. Despite being a busy mom and family woman, Lea Salonga continues to wow the whole world with her grace and sheer talent.


Up to this day, I still consider her as a role model and even check-out the interesting stuff that she’s up to, like these #DiskarteNaMayArte tips from the Bounty Fresh Chicken page which I found on facebook a few weeks ago. I may not be a mom yet, but I must admit that I’ve been following these posts for weeks now since they are really useful and informative (especially the cooking tips).


Seems like Lea Salonga is now working alongside Bounty Fresh Chicken nowadays in sharing these super useful tips which moms can also do in their households. Allow me to share to you some of the tips which  I really like……


Lea’s Tip No. 1

We all know how important proper waste management is, so to make your kids participate in it, try this useful tip….. Instead of using regular boring looking compost bins, do what a #BountyFresh Mom would do and try using cute ones that are more colorful and more appealing for the kids!

Bounty Fresh Diskarte na May Arte When In Manila Mae Ilagan (3 of 4)



Lea’s Tip no. 2

Homes become more “homey” with the presence of greens. Even if you live in a small condo, apartment or townhouse, you can still liven-up the house by adding potted plants and hang them on your walls. Seeing fresh plants at home will make you feel more relaxed. They are also known to be natural air purifiers. If you’re a #BountyFresh Mom who loves cooking, you can even put up your own small herb garden so you can easily pick and toss up fresh herbs on your future dishes.

Bounty Fresh Diskarte na May Arte When In Manila Mae Ilagan (2 of 4)



Lea’s Tip no. 3

Paborito ba ng pamilya mo ang Chicken Curry? Curry spices are flavorful on its own but try spicing it up like a #BountyFresh Mom would!

Make your chicken curry dish more interesting and flavorsome by adding bananas to your curry sauce. On your next family dinner, serve them with Chicken with Banana Curry Sauce!

Click HERE for the full recipe!

Bounty Fresh Diskarte na May Arte When In Manila Mae Ilagan (1 of 4)


Lea’s  Tip no. 8

Now this is one of my favorites…. Since I love to travel, this tip has been very useful for me so far and will surely do this with my family in the future. To teach  kids the value of saving and for them to  be more excited to go on adventures with you, come up with  a family vacation jar where you can all put our spare change and save it all up and use it to book your next getaway!



The tips are becoming more and more interesting each week so I highly recommend you check them out regularly like what I do! Click HERE to view the full collection of Bountry Fresh Mom Lea’s  #DiskarteNaMayArte Tips. Enjoy!!



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Lea Salonga Shares Her Cool n’ Useful #DiskarteNaMayArte Tips for Moms