Lavish Organic Soaps and Cleaners: Deep Surface and Skin Cleaning

The Pope recently broke the Internet when he made his historic and famous clarion call for environmental mindfulness; he was serious enough to create a whole encyclical about it—he used it to tell Catholics to listen to scientific findings about climate change and take small steps towards caring more for the environment.

I was thinking about the encyclical when this promising parcel of organic soap products from Lavish was delivered at my doorstep.


I was very excited to try out the all-purpose cleaner since it’s a very good alternative to the rather feisty and strong muriatic acid that is used for cleaning bathrooms and other surfaces.

There were also three soaps for skin care which are based on tea tree oil, coffee, and shea butter, respectively: 


According to entrepreneur and chemist Lavi Subang, he created this product line out of his own personal needs in cleaning his house and with some advocacy on helping provide more environment-friendly options in the market out there. He also sent me some before and after photos of some surfaces he tested. He was quite particular about the bathroom stain removal success: 

bathroom tiles copyImage Credit: Lavi Cornel Subang

I decided to do my own tiny experiment. In my case, I went for an old aquarium with hard water stains. 


I was instructed to put in the organic cleaner. The first thing I noticed is that it smelled so sweet, with hints of lemon. I let the product stay there for thirty minutes (for best results, according to Lavi) while I explored the other items in his collection. 


 Although the scent was like lemon, I still had to step out of the room. But it’s not as strong as muriatic acid where you really have to keep your windows open all night. All I needed was an hour and the room was back to normal. 

The shea butter soap was particularly good at hydrating the skin. This product is good for people who are alternating between the scorching heat of the sun and the cold air conditioning system usually found in offices. 


The coffee-based scrub soap is a good exfoliating agent and like the other two soaps, has a shelf life of two to three months. 


The tea tree oil soap is pretty good for curing acne or pimples.


My personal favorite among the three is the shea butter soap because it was the one which worked for me. But put together, all three of Lavish skin care soaps make a really solid combination: 


The all-around organic cleaner does help in removing the hard stain. But the stains will not go away unless you really do some serious scrubbing. The organic solution merely helps soften the hard stains on the surface. We used the product and scrubbed it after 30 minutes with steel wool to make it as pretty as it looks now: 


Since it’s organic, we don’t have any fears of poisoning the fish. I did this experiment 5 days ago, and our janitor fish is still alive. Aside from aquarium glass and bathroom tiles, you can also use it in other surfaces like toilets and granite floors. 

On top of the really cool products he made, Lavi also has some really good advocacies worth checking out. As of the time of posting, I was intrigued with the bags made by mothers in the Baseco compound. If you want to help his cause or try these superb products, you can order them via his online shop or through bazaars posted in Lavish Organics PH’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts, indicated below.



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