Land Transportation Office: “Will Temporarily Stop Charging P450 for New Car Plates”

The New Year is just around the corner.

And by “new year” I mean, we need to envision our responsibilities like the yearly payables such as healthcare or government mandated contributions (for self-employed or voluntary members).

Admittedly, I have the tendency to be disorganized. So, I have to write down all my payables for next year, and one of which is, the car registration.

License Plates LTO

Unfortunately, I still haven’t received our new plate yet.

Speaking of car registration, according to news reports and other publications such as GMA News Online, the Department of Transportation and Communications or DOTC announced yesterday, December 23, that LTO will temporarily stop charging the P450 fee for new car plates.

The is because the Commission on Audit (COA) has issued a “notice of disallowance” for the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to stop charging vehicle owners for the time being. (Source: GMA News Online)

As quoted in the article, the DOTC said that vehicle owners who have not yet paid for the new license plates won’t have to pay the P450 fee upon registration.

Meantime, for those who have already paid the fee, the LTO will issue the new licensed plates, as soon as the notice of disallowance from the COA is resolved.

Standardized Plates

Initially, the standardization of plates was first introduced last May 2014 to prevent car theft, plate removal, switching, or any car-related incidents. In fact, the LTO has issued a Memorandum Circular No.

AVT-2014-1895, January of this year to oblige the vehicle owners to replace their old license plates with the new ones.

Personally, I think this is a good idea as the plates aren’t ready for distribution as yet.

At least, it will help lessen the total amount in registering our vehicles next year.

How about you, have you gotten your new plates yet? Also, what do you think of this issue? Share your comments below!