Lady Gaga Manila Concert: Sheds Tears on Philippine Protests (video)





When In Manila, the newest venue for the biggest concerts just opened their virgin gates to the Mother Monster and her thousands of Little Filipino Monsters!




Lady-Gaga-Manila-Protest-Concert-MOA-Judas-WhenInManila-PH 054


Lady Gaga had a jam packed stadium that isn’t even 100% finished yet. The SM Mall of Asia Arena (MOA Arena), said to have a seating capacity of 16,000 and a full house capacity of 20,000 (when the mosh pit area / floor is open like for concerts), welcomed Lady Gaga with open arms!



Lady-Gaga-Manila-Protest-Concert-MOA-Judas-WhenInManila-PH 117


The concert included Lady Gaga’s biggest hits like Marry the Night, Poker Face, Just Dance, Edge of Glory, Judas, Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Telephone, Alejandro, Born This Way, Hair, You and I, plus more.





The Lady Gaga Manila Concert did not disappoint those looking for extravagant performances, crazy sets and even more outrageous special effects. The night began with Lady Gaga wearing a Sigourney-Weaver-type-Alien looking armor while riding a man powered horse (which actually looked like a real horse at first glance).



Lady Gaga Manila Concert Grand Entrance



 After which, another entrance with Lady Gaga now bearing more of herself coming out of a makeshift vagina of a giant pregnant woman. You really had to be there to fully understand what I’m talking about… but I got this video below that might help a bit…



Lady Gaga Born This Way LIVE Manila Concert



Lady-Gaga-Manila-Protest-Concert-MOA-Judas-WhenInManila-PH 077

Lady-Gaga-Manila-Protest-Concert-MOA-Judas-WhenInManila-PH 084



In between the music and “Gaganess,” Lady Gaga seemingly shed some tears while mentioning the protests against her.


Lady Gaga Cries while talking about Manila Protests



Lady Gaga cried while trying to explain how she’s simply trying to be herself, a non-conformist rebel who fights for what she believes in. Gaga added that the main difference between rebels and others is that rebels fight for what they believe in while others simply complain about what they don’t like.


According to Lady Gaga, the night was not about sending a message, nor was it about her, nor was it about music; Gaga says that the night was simply about acceptance.


It was all good vibes from then on.


Lady-Gaga-Manila-Protest-Concert-MOA-Judas-WhenInManila-PH 142Lady-Gaga-Manila-Protest-Concert-MOA-Judas-WhenInManila-PH 144

Lady-Gaga-Manila-Protest-Concert-MOA-Judas-WhenInManila-PH 154

Lady-Gaga-Manila-Protest-Concert-MOA-Judas-WhenInManila-PH 170


Here’s one of my favorite Lady Gaga songs, Just Dance!



Lady Gaga Just Dance Live Manila Concert Mall Of Asia MOA Arena


lady gaga cries manila concert wheninmanila



To see what happened on Day 2 of the Lady Gaga Manila Concert, check this out –


When In Manila, you have one more chance to see Lady Gaga as she performs for a second day due to the sold out first night. Catch Lady Gaga at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on May 22, 2012!


“‎Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz we were born this way bitch!” – LG



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Lady Gaga Manila Concert: Sheds Tears on Philippine Protests