La Loba Negra Releases Their First EP: Natural Selection

La Loba Negra EP Launch - Poster for WIM

It’s time to show off those new dance moves.

La Loba Negra is hosting an xxxtra spicy, hip-swaying party on August 5 in Tomatokick, Tomas Morato to celebrate the birth of their first four-track EP, Natural Selection.

La Loba Negra is a 3-piece band that grooves with a concoction of world, reggae, dub, latin, blues, and rock.

Joining them onstage are Ill Primitivo, BLKD x The Tooters, and Flippin Soul Stompers.

Pay whatever you like. Get a sticker. Party starts at 9PM.

You can listen to the first single off the EP, entitled Trabaho:

This event is powered by Tomatokick Morato, Chef MD Diet Rx, Beer Hero PH, LookLeft, and The Snack Shack, in cooperation with