Kuxina Poblacion’s Sisig Rolls, Tapadynamite, and More: A Modern Twist to Filipino Classic Food

Written by: Clariz Mendoza
Photos by: Alyssa Gabrielle Chen

It’s no secret we Filipinos are gifted in a lot of aspects. We have a lot of great singers, dancers, and have the sexiest English accent in Asia to name a few. But most especially, we are blessed with our food (we have one of the best cuisines in the world!). Kuxina Poblacion is one of the restaurants that show this off. It faithfully lives up to its name which came from the Spanish word “cocina,” which means kitchen. It is a hub for great Filipino food but with an added twist.  It takes a spin on some of our well-loved Filipino foods such as sisig, kare kare, and tapa. Here are some examples of Kuxina’s best tasting dishes that you have to try!

Crowd favorite: Tapa Leng
Php 160

We’ve all tasted tapa at least once in our lives. It is one of the staples on everyone’s tables during breakfast. But Tapa Leng is not your typical tapa. Tapa Leng is a unique fusion of Japanese and Filipino cuisine since it is made of Japanese beef sukiyaki and Filipino cured meat. It is marinated with a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and minced garlic, which makes the dish stand out even more. This dish also comes with salted egg, fried egg, tomatoes, and rice to complete the Filipino breakfast experience.

It may look like ordinary lumpia but it’s far from ordinary: Introducing Kuxina’s Sisig Rolls!
Php 100 (6 pcs)

Sisig Rolls? Yes, you read that right! Kuxina offers an innovative approach to a Filipino dish that Pampanga is well known for—sisig! It has the right combination of sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness that everyone will surely like. I personally am not a fan of sisig because I find it too spicy, but Sisig Rolls managed to change my mind in just one bite! It is definitely a must-try and a game-changer in the sisig scene.

Crispy Kare Kare oozing with Kuxina’s specialty sauce and bagoong
Php 170

Kare kare just got even better with Kuxina’s own crunchy twist! It is made of fried pork belly with flavorful shrimp paste as the sauce. The thick peanut stew of the classic kare kare remains to delight our taste buds. In addition, the special bagoong exclusively made by Kuxina makes a very unique taste that perfectly complements the dish. This twist in a Filipino classic is definitely one for the books.

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Daing ala Cubana, a must-try in Kuxina
Php 160

This is a healthy and at the same time delicious rice meal. It comes with a tasty sun-baked milkfish, fried egg, tomatoes, rice, and sweet fried bananas. The crispiness of the milkfish is highly commendable. The tomatoes and the sweet fried bananas also further bring out the taste of the fish. The rice and egg are also a great addition to the platter. Super sulit meal!

Tapadynamite? Count me in!
Php 200 (6 pcs)

Tapadynamite is an exclusive offer of Kuxina Poblacion. The sweetness of the tapa and the spiciness of the dynamite make an extraordinary combination. The first few bites are mild to medium spicy with a hint of sweetness, but as you go to the tip of the roll, it gets red hot spicy! Prepare your taste buds as Tapadynamite will take you on an explosion of flavors in just a bite.

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