Kris Aquino is Fangirling Over ‘Sky Castle’ on Instagram

We’re really not surprised that Kris Aquino has gone into a K-drama spiral as many Filipino celebrities seem to be getting into it. Kris shared her brand new addiction when she uploaded a K-drama poster on her Instagram. The actress fangirled over Sky Castle, the 2018 hit series that she has just finished watching. Sky Castle is the highest rated cable series in the history of Korean television, so it’s no surprise that it got Kris hooked.

In her post, the actress admits that she’s very late to the K-drama party, and that she watched Sky Castle over five nights during her stay in Singapore. She also reveals that she has a crush on one of the main leads of the drama, actor Jung Joon-ho, because of his perfect hair.

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i was very, very LATE to the K Drama party. This was the first one i watched (while in Singapore over 5 nights)… i now understand why the world is addicted. i am now into MAN to MAN, Well Intended Love, and BIRTH of a BEAUTY. i don’t like period dramas (sorry); i like ACTION, and love stories that are unconventional & not the typical feel good ones… again forgive me because na late nga ako, but in Sky Castle, among the men, it’s the “contrabida-ish” doctor (in the poster he’s the one in the middle, directly where the CAS is printed) who for me is the most appealing so please tell me what other K dramas he appeared in? in case you’re wondering bakit sya ang “crush” ko- it’s his hair, ang perfect nung cut, nung kapal, nung wave, nung haba na hindi mahaba, and the fact it’s purposely messy yet perfectly in place. Leaving tomorrow for clean, fresh air but the wifi i know will be strong & i’m only aiming for 45 minutes of walking a day so i have time to start new K Dramas. i realized variety is FUN. 2 episodes then i switch. So i’ll appreciate your recommendations w/short summaries please (hopefully they are on Netflix & Iflix)? Thank you in advance. Good Night. ????

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Kris is asking her fans for K-drama recommendations. She says she prefers dramas with action and unconventional love stories, and that she isn’t a big fan of period dramas. The actress then says that the dramas she’s watching now are ‘Man to Man’, ‘Birth of a Beauty’, and ‘Well Intended Love’.

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What are your K-drama recs for Kris Aquino?


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