Kreatib Hub + Cafe: The First Concept Store and Cafe in Antipolo

Restaurants and cafes that capture the hearts of foodies whose main destination is the cathedral in Antipolo, the famous Hinulugang Taktak, or other Rizal travel destinations are not new to us; but this one definitely is! A concept store and a cafe in one in Antipolo, Kreatib Hub + Café is the newest to-go place of people who love both food and art!

IMG 2573

Rustic interiors on point.

IMG 2565

From stickers to postcards, they’ve got lots of artsy stuff.

IMG 2574

Here’s an aisle of hippy clothes and also a motivating dressing room.

Operated and managed by two sisters Rexielyn and Rona Santiago, this concept store and café is an idea that stemmed from their hobby of arts and crafts. The whole area consists of different racks with different products, including stickers, beauty products, home accents, accessories, clothes, and a lot more from different online sellers on social media. For those who love to shop and dine at the same time, this place was practically made for you!

IMG 2563

Don’t be shy to borrow those brushes and create art; it’s free!

Obviously, Kreatib Hub and Café takes its name from the word ‘creative’. Here, you can use their “Kreatib Nook” to draw, sketch and paint with their art materials – for free! One cool thing is that they choose the most creative work of art at the end of the month and hang it on their wall!

IMG 2616

A cup of latte while painting? Perfect for de-stressing. (Php110)

This cafe amps up the artsiness from time to time with art workshops, like painting workshops. This is especially great news for the people who live in or near Antipolo because they won’t need to travel to Manila or Quezon City anymore when they want to attend workshops or just need a café where they can hang out.

To foodies, hanging out means eating out, as well. Here are our favorites from their menu:

IMG 2581

Never an ensaymada without overflowing cheese! (Php60)

Most cafes in the metro serve different cakes, but Kreatib Hub + Café does things differently by serving ensaymadas instead, which are sure appeal to anyone who loves desserts! They have Ube, Nutella, Oreo, Ensay-matcha (that’s a matcha-flavored one), Cheese, Almonds, and Black Ensaymada (which consists of activated charcoal powder from Go Black).

IMG 2592

They’ve got this flavor for strawberry lovers! (Php155)

IMG 2601

Now that’s a combo: the Cookies and Cream Frappe, Php155, and Oreo Ensaymada, Php60.

It’s not a café without awesome beverages! Kreatib’s iced cold drinks are legit thirst quenchers! They’re healthy, too, because they are served with Chia seeds instead of pearls or crystals.

IMG 2607

We love the chia seeds that go with their iced drinks.

We tried their iced chocolate drinks: Choco Taro (Php140), Choco Strawberry (Php140), and Choco Matcha (Php145), all of which are unique and will really suit a sweet tooth’s tastebuds.

IMG 2600

Vanilla Matcha Frappe (Php165) and Ube Ensaymada (Php80), anyone?

Their frappes are just as delicious. We tried their Vanilla Matcha, Strawberry, and Cookies and Cream, all of which made our afternoon extra-sweet!

IMG 2623

Kreatib Hub and Cafe’s cookie shots are either served with milk or with ice cream on top. Either way, they are so good that it was easy to gobble them up in no time.

IMG 2567

You can also rent out this hub as a venue for your small and special corporate or family events! We also heard they are going to introduce more dishes on their menu like salads and sandwiches. Time to add this cafe and art hub on your itinerary when you visit Antipolo!

Kreatib Hub and Cafe

Unit 205 Decoro Comml. Bldg. Blk1 Lt 1 Circumferential Road, San Roque, Antipolo

Open daily from 12NN to 11PM