‘Tayo na sa Antipolo’: These Photos Show Why Antipolo Is Perfect for a Quick Getaway

We all need to take a break sometimes.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of time and money to go far away for a break.

However, that does not mean you can’t take a break at all.

A couple of hours drive from Metro Manila is Antipolo City in Rizal. It is popular as a pilgrimage site. During the Holy Week, many devotees walk up to Antipolo City as part of their “panata.”

However, there is a lot to see in this city that you can enjoy for that much needed break.

Antipolo Cathedral

Visita Iglesia 2/7 #blisteringhot

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Favorite day of the week.❤️

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Pinto Art Museum

Kinda got scared doing this • #pintoartmuseum #pintoart #throwback

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Art as a way of healing #pintoartmuseum #art #design #architecture

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Hinulugang Taktak

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Ganyan ka naman eh, pa-fall ka lang lagi eh. ???? #nofilter

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Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa

To infinity and beyond! @sheemyadventures ????#cousingoals #Ashventures

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Mystical Cave

Beauty. ❤️ #mysticalcave #ACEcapade #ACEtories #weekender

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Mt. Purro Nature Reserve


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sunset sensation ????

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What other recommendations do you have for Antipolo? Share them with us!