Krav Maga Philippines: Not Just for Men, but for Women Too

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When In Manila and you are one of us that go home late at night after work, then we have something for you, read on.


These days, you will never know what you would encounter, maybe pickpockets (sleek ones or those who slash your bags) hold-uppers – silent or you just happen to be on a bus or jeepney that had full of them. Walking down a dark alley alone on your way home – no there would be no Batman nor Spiderman to help you out but yourself, learning Krav Maga may be very useful for you and me.


Before I head on to the details, let me first give you a quick background of the day-to-day activities a normal girl like me has. I am required to render 9 hours a day at work, but as we all know work does not exactly end on the dot. I tend to do extra hours to get things done in this concrete jungle, thus heading home late than usual. Of course there are the usual hang outs with colleagues, friends and maybe special someone, another hour or two gets added on the day and before I know it, I am pulling a Cinderella once again.


Living 2 hours away (including traffic) from my office, my bus and jeepney rides consist of those who get home late and those who would harm people. I have seen a lot of people getting pickpocketed and running after the culprits. I also have had my run-ins with them. I have had my perfectly good backpack slashed right in front of me after my long day of reviewing for my comprehensive exam for grad school. I had to do something about it, nothing stolen because I felt what that guy was doing. I was ready to defend my property – but with what? Only with me acting tough, nothing more. The guy got out of the bus with nothing. But what if he actually pulled a gun or a knife at me? Then that would be a very different story.


If that incident turned out differently, I may have no chance of writing this or on a lighter note, may have scars on me. So my fellow ladies out there here’s what we can do to be ready during those ugly circumstances. Learn Krav Maga. It is not just for men, it is for us, women too.


I happen to have had my first training last July 7, 2012. I had the same hesitations as most girls thinking that men would probably dominate the class, but I was wrong. There were ladies too training for Krav Maga and there was no hesitation in their faces learning the proper movements.



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The instructors would make sure that if it is your first time, they would give you a run down of the movements and how to properly hit without hurting yourself. I was given a one on one before I practiced with the others so I could catch up. There are a lot of ways to defend yourself without having any gun or deadly weapon to aid you and Krav Maga is one of the best out there. So my fellow ladies, do not hesitate but learn to defend yourself. I know I cannot wait for the next training session.



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Here are some of the things that can probably help you:


What is Krav Maga?


Krav Maga is a “contact combat” considered as non-competitive martial art and eclectic self-defense system developed in Israel that involves striking techniques, wrestling and grappling. (Source: Wikipedia)


What are the courses that Krav Maga Philippines can offer?


1. Civilian
2. Law Enforcement
3. VIP Protection
4. Military
5. Specialized courses for women and kids (due to unique threats for this segment)


Where can you train?


Main Gym: #20 Asuncion Badminton Center (ABC) Bldg. E. Maclang St. cor P. Guevarra St. San Juan City

Makati Gym: 360 Fitness Club, 7th Floor Dolmar Gold Tower, C. Palanca St. Legazpi Village, Makati City


When can I train for Krav Maga?


Main Gym: 7:30pm to 9pm Mondays to Fridays and 10:30am to 12nn and 1pm to 2:30pm during Saturdays

Makati Gym: 11am Saturdays


How much would it cost to train with Krav Maga Philippines?


For pricing/specific rates contact the following details:

Email: admin@kravmaga.ph
Website: https://www.kravmaga.ph/
Contact Number: 02-726-5021

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kravmagaph


So When In Manila and you want to learn how to defend yourself, train with Krav Maga Philippines. You will never know when you would need to defend yourself.