KKday.com Now Delivers Japan Rail Pass Voucher

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Japan is blessed with the world’s best train system. Many tourists from all over the world drool over Japan’s train systems. One of Japan’s railway system is run by the Japan Railways (JR) Group and you can easily maneuver these lines with a Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass).

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The JR Pass is the ultimate pass for JR trains (bullet trains) that run through all of Japan’s main prefectures (districts). It is perfect for tourists who want to travel back and forth to different prefectures in Japan. Let’s say you are traveling from Kyoto to Tokyo (which are probably the two most popular prefectures for Japan tourists), the JR Pass will enable you to cover that distance of 450-kilometer distance in just a little over three hours.


Figure 1 Map from www.japan-guide.com

Getting the JR Pass in Japan is easy – you can get it at the airport and in their different ticket sales office. However, if you purchase your JR Pass in Japan, it will be more expensive compared to purchasing it in an authorized seller in the Philippines. JR Group does this to encourage tourists to buy before leaving their countries and get their Exchange Order voucher in advance to avoid long queues at the stations.


KKday now delivers the JR Pass exchange order voucher anywhere in the Philippines in just 5 working days. KKday’s All Japan JR Pass is only P13,129. If you need other JR passes, you can visit their JR Page and choose from the many options they offer.

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To know more about getting the JR Pass, visit this page.


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