King Katsu – The Ultimate Home of Authentic and Affordable Katsudon!

King Katsu – The Ultimate Home of Authentic and Affordable Katsudon!

When in Manila and you want to have the most affordable and delicious katsudon possible, you have to go to King Katsu!

Japanese food is not my first choice when I eat. Maybe I’m just not a very big fan of it (I guess most of the Japanese food that I’ve tasted is either a bit salty or too salty). But then, after I was invited to dine in at King Katsu SM North Edsa, I’m beginning to think twice.

My favorite dish is the Katsudon Fish, it was deep-fried, so it had a crispy coat, but soft fish meat inside. Every bite you take, you can hear the crushing sound of it! Its sauce with its sweet and salty flavor just added more to its goodness! 

KingKatsu_08Fish Katsudon  for 159 php

I also liked their Burger Sando! The bread has this really good toasty texture with a touch of sweetness in it! Manufactured and developed only for King Katsu’s sandwiches, Burger Sando is about a quarter pound juicy and tender patty. I love how the oyster sauce base of the burger mixed well with the bread, complement each other to a tee. A really good dish for people who like light meals.  


Burger Sando – 99 php 

The Niku Dango, on the other hand, is the dish that I wouldn’t get tired of, even if I eat it every single day! This dish involves a deep-fried meatball coated with Japanese breading. It has a golden fried color as seen in TV commercials of cooking oil. With every bite that you take, you will feel the ooze of the meatball juice coming out. This is something that I’ll order every time as it is something I loved to munch on! 


Niku Dango – 119 php 


Here are more Japanese favorites that I’m sure you’ll love at King Katsu:


Pork Shiitake Sando – 79 php



Katsu Sando – 69 php



Katsu Curry – 152  php



Tonkatsu – 149 php



Pork Yakitori – 119 php


If you want something light or are just looking for a good merienda meal, you have to try King Katsu’s Sandos! It is simply perfect for those who are on a strict diet.

Now, if you want heavy and full meals like me, on the other hand, you gotta try their rice-based dishes. Tonkatsu, Katsudon and Katsu Curry are my top choices for when I’m hungry! Their Japanese rice really sums everything up!

King Katsu really deserves their name, with their legit Japanese rice and authentic taste they really rule the world of Katsudon.

So, When in Manila, and you want to experience the ruler of Katsudon, you have to try King Katsu at SM North Edsa – an authentic and reasonably-priced place to have Japanese food every single day! 

King Katsu


SM North Edsa Sky Garden, Quezon City, Philippines

For more information, you can like their face book page here



King Katsu – The Ultimate Home of Authentic and Affordable Katsudon!


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