Kimukatsu: Hand-Crafted Japanese Katsu Unlike Any Other

Kimukatsu: Hand-Crafted Japanese Katsu Unlike Any Other


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Cheese-filled katsu, anyone?


When in Manila, treat your tastebuds to a unique Katsu experience at EDSA Shangri-La Mall’s newly opened Kimukatsu!




As Japanese katsu continues to be one of the trendiest food items in the metro, Kimukatsu’s specially crafted katsu dishes bring something new and exciting to the table, showing us food lovers that there’s more to the popular dish than pork and crispy breading.


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Kimukatsu’s fresh cabbage and diamond rice.


So, what makes Kimukatsu so special? You can practically taste the difference from the crisp yet light texture of their panko (Japanese breading), to their über juicy and flavorful pork slivers.


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Katsu galore! 


Kimukatsu chooses only the choicest portions of pork loin and cuts them into 1mm-thick slices. 25 layers of the pork loin are then stacked together and coated in Kimukatsu’s imported raw breadcrumbs. Imagine, 25 layers! It is this special technique that makes Kimukatsu’s pork loin incredibly juicy – you can practically see the 25 layers all bunched up when you bite into your katsu.


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 Katsu in 7 different flavors!


What’s even cooler about Kimukatsu is that they offer a variety of katsu flavors. Take your pick from Cheese-filled katsu, to garlic, Yuzu Pepper, Ume Shiso (Japanese plum and shiso mixture – subtley sweet and fresh), Negi Shio (green onion – my favorite!), and Black Pepper flavor, among others.


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 Katsu sandwich.


Kimukatsu also offers vegetable, chicken and seafood katsu selections, as well as katsu curry meals and super yummy katsu sandwiches – hooray for variety!


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Three different kinds of katsu dip.


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Aside from the usual katsu accompaniments, Kimukatsu offers red and white miso soup, and three different kinds of katsu dip. You can choose to dip your katsu in either pink rock salt or a sweet and sour ume dip, aside from the usual thick katsu sauce mixed with sesame seeds and pepper corns. We were told that these katsu dips are best paired with certain katsu flavors to complement and bring out their flavors even more – exciting!


kimukatsu-shangrila-6 Happy tummies with JoTan!


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 Ivica loves her katsu sandwich in its cutie pie packaging


We highly recommend ordering a 7-flavor katsu sampler if you’re a group of friends with a hearty appetite, it’s a surefire route to happy bellies and a good time. Or maybe just settle for a nice plate of your favorite katsu flavor. Either way, Kimukatsu is definitely a great place to get your katsu fix when in Manila.





4th floor, East Wing, EDSA Shangri-La Plaza

Shaw Boulevard cor. Edsa, Mandaluyong City

02 727 0333




Twitter: @kimukatsuph



Kimukatsu: Hand-crafted Japanese Katsu Unlike Any Other