Kessaku Alabang: The Best Japanese Restaurant This Side of the South



Kessaku Alabang: The Best Japanese Restaurant This Side of the South

When in Manila, it’s an unwritten rule that the most reputable Japanese restaurants are those with Japanese sushi chefs to show, and are often tucked away in the little crevices and side streets of the city – any more accessible and it becomes less authentic and more commercial. The growing popularity of authentic Japanese restaurants have reared our local palates to be more selective and critical of our Japanese. 



Kessaku’s “Symphony” – spicy tuna and salmon sashimi, sliced crab sticks, sushi rice coated in tempura batter.


Then again, how can you say no to such perfect salmon sashimi of the freshest quality, or honest-to-goodness Soft-Shell Crab tempura that bursts with flavor? All these coming from a restaurant that you don’t necessarily need to track down to discover. Sometimes, you need not go far to experience beyond par Japanese cuisine.




Kessaku Japanese restaurant is located at Alabang’s Commerce Center, a short walk from Acacia Estates and in plain view of everyone. And while its modern-minimalist interiors and sake-bar vibes might have you dismissing it as another run-of-the-mill Japanese joint, I highly recommend first putting those preconceived notions aside and ordering a plate of their Salmon Sashimi.



Salmon Sashimi (PHP 265.00)



California Maki with Flying Fish Roe (PHP 240.00)



Tiger Rolls (PHP 265.00)


Kessaku’s Salmon Sashimi is imported fresh weekly all the way from Norway, chilled, not frozen. I think this plays a crucial role in its creamy texture, as well as its fresh taste and aromae which isn’t at all slimy and thawed out compared to its peers. Likewise, their California Maki topped with Flying Fish Roe and Tiger Rolls are equally superb, and taste as great as they look. The California Maki’s shredded kani topping adds a creative twist to the classic, and swapping the usual cucumber for avocados make their Tiger rolls exceptionally luscious.



Unagi with Foie Gras (PHP 350.00)


And since we’re talking about high-quality and decadent delicacies, how about taking a bite out of Kessaku’s Unagi with Foie Gras: a rich medley of roasted freshwater eel topped with a generous helping of foie gras for a unique and unexpected combination of flavors.


Craving for more? Check out what else Kessaku has to offer after the jump!

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