Ke$ha’s Warrior Tour: Celebrating a night like we’re gonna die young!

When In Manila, we are definitely the crazy ones! As Ke$ha gives a glitter-laden concert for all the crazy fans during her Warrior 2013 tour in the country.

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Kesha In Manila 2013Local celebrity DJs Sanya Smith and Ornussa Cadness, known as The Zombettes, played as front act for Ke$ha. 

Performing hits like “Warrior,” “Die Young,” “We R Who We R,” as well as party staples like, “Blow,” “Animal,” “Blah, Blah, Blah,” and everyone’s favorite “TikTok,” Ke$ha‘s Manila concert was the sparkling, crazy, and rowdy party that it promised to be!

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Clad in their bunny ears and glow sticks in their hands, concert-goers totally rocked the Smart Araneta Coliseum last night (October 24) with as Ke$ha sings hits after hits. Not to mention the equally fabulous back-up dancers, ready to do everything just to give the audience an experience they will never forget!

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Ke$ha put up an spectacular show doing crazy antics with her back-up dancers and even the band. At one point, she pulled out a construction tool — sorry, I don’t know what it’s called — and used to make sparks! Her back-up dancers clad in different costumes, including a striper outfit — both of which are male dancers.


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What I absolutely loved about Ke$ha’s concert in Manila was seeing the amazing party I see in Ke$ha’s reality TV show, “My Crazy Beautiful Life,” practically happening right in front of me. This concert is definitely one for the books, a night with friends and singing on top of our lungs like we’re gonna die young!

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Ke$ha’s Warrior 2013 Tour

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Ke$ha’s Warrior Tour: A night like we’re gonna die young!