Keane Live! in Manila: Strangeland Tour

When in Manila, I’m hoping you were at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on October 2 to catch the performance of what I dub as Britain’s gift to mankind, British alternative rock band, Keane! I, along with fellow WIM writers Hudson and Mae braved Manila traffic and the horrible weather just to catch theses guys, and gosh dang it, WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED! 

Keane achieved mainstream success with their hit, “Somewhere Only We Know” off of their 2004 debut album, Hopes and Fears, and have consistently made their mark on music charts all over the world. The most recent musical achievement they’ve tucked under their belt was that of their latest album “Strangeland” debuting at no. 1 on the UK albums chart, making them one of three bands in UK pop history to have 5 consecutive no. 1 albums. Strangeland not only catapulted Keane into UK music history but is also the first album wherein bassist Jesse Quin is officially recognized as a member of the band. 


I’ve been a fan of Keane ever since their first album came out, so you can only imagine how excited I was to finally be able to see them perform live! In fact, I seriously wanted to make the most of this opportunity that once the band went on stage, I left my seat and friends behind and just charged my way through the crowd so I could stand near the stage! Haha, not exactly commendable behavior, yeah, I know, but heck! No regrets!


This guy, too cute for my life! Lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Tom Chaplin.


The man behind most of Keane’s melancholic lyrics, and the guy on piano, keyboards and synthesizers, Tim Rice- Oxley


Keane drummer, Richard Hughes. Oh, just a little tidbit, this guy was incredibly feisty and amusing during the press con! There was a media person who actually had the gall to start off his question for Keane with the statement, “I’m not a fan but…”… The statement caught Richard off guard so much that although he was laughing, it was quite apparent that he didn’t want to listen to the rest of the interviewer’s question and didn’t even really bother answering the guy. Haha, that’s what you get for messing with Keane :))  


Introducing Keane’s newest member and bassist, Jesse Quin


They performed several of their hits such as “Somewhere Only We Know”, “Everybody’s Changing”, and “Bedshaped”, but what really got the crowd pumped up or swaying along were the tracks from the new Strangeland album. I currently don’t have a copy of said album, but after last night, I’m making sure to get one  pronto! Songs such as “Sovereign Light Cafe”, “Disconnected”, and “Silenced by the Night” had me screaming like the ridiculous fan girl I am and are definitely tracks that will be put on repeat once I get a hold of them. In fact, my friend Hudson said that even if you aren’t really a big fan of Keane, once you watch them perform live, you will be converted. THEY’RE THAT GOOD.  



The Strangeland concert was definitely one for the books and worth every penny spent as Keane was kind enough to play, I believe around 16 or more songs, I seriously lost count as I was either busy screaming my head off, or was intently listening to their new tracks. However, I will not forget how I started to panic because my camera battery had died and they were playing my favorite Keane track as their parting song, Crystal Ball! I frantically looked through the crowd, spotted Hudson and Mae, and a game of charades ensued. I motioned to them to kindly take a video of Keane performing Crystal Ball, and once they assured me that they would, I went back to shrieking out the lyrics alongside the thousands of Keane fans around me.



The night and concert was epic. There’s just really something about Keane that is… I don’t know how else to say it, but their music is so distinctly theirs. Like, when you listen to it, you know it’s them. It could be their use of the piano as the leading instrument as opposed to the usual guitar or it could just be… pure awesomeness. Ah yes, that must be it, it’s Keane’s pure awesomeness as a band and as individual artists that make their fans love them and each and every one of the tracks that they release. I look forward to enjoying their new Strangeland album and to more of their future releases. In fact, during their presscon which I was fortunate enough to attend, drummer Richard Hughes mentioned that if their was one thing that Keane would like to be remembered for, its not their having performed one epic music hit, but their delivering 400 music hits or so. Dear Keane, 4 albums worth of hits down, a few hundred more to go! 




Keane Live! in Manila: Strangeland Tour




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