Kasbah Brings Flavors of Morocco to Manila


When in Manila and you want to feast on good Moroccan food fare, head out to Kasbah Restaurant and Bar in The Fort Strip.

Experience Authentic Moroccan Dining at Kasbah

Kasbah brings the flavors of Moroccan cuisine and offers an enchanting dining ambiance that will certainly make you feel like you are really on the land of the Moors. From its entrance, it already exudes a different kind of vibe and as you enter Kasbah, you will feel like you are entering a portal to Morocco.







Feel the Luxury Inside Kasbah

Inside Kasbah, you will see colorful lanterns, plush cushions, exotic textiles,  and mirrors that accentuate the Moroccan vibe. It provides comfortable lounge-type seats so everyone can simply sit back and enjoy every bite of Moroccan cuisine. Its interiors give a vibrant North African souk feel, truly Mediterranean and very enticing. The air is filled with North African music to completely bring Morocco in Manila.

Exotic Lantern Hang on the Ceiling of Kasbah

Plush Cushions

Kasbah exhibits style. It shows off a dash of luxury as it offers a Mediterranean feel with its decors and the food that it serves. It has a lively atmosphere especially with all the vibrant colors you see around and the music that it fills the air with.

The food at Kasbah is really authentic. The powerful Moroccan flavor can be enjoyed with every bite. High quality ingredients are used to create a perfect Moroccan feast that can certainly satiate the cravings of a person in search for Moor flavors.

Couscous and Basmati Rice

Lamb Tagine is my favorite dish from Kasbah. The lamb meat is cooked perfectly well such that the meat falls off from the bone. The meat is really fresh because it has no unpleasant smell which is usually the reason why I don’t eat a lot of lamb dishes. But this one from Kasbah, I can eat it all the time. The lamb meat is seasoned well to bring out its exquisite flavor.

Lamb Tagine

Kebabs are also popular in the Moroccan food fare and Kasbah makes really mean kebabs. You can choose from chicken or beef and there are several sauces that you pair your kebab with. If you like it hot, they have spicy sauces too.

Selection of Kemias or Cold Dips

Another popular Mediterranean dish found in Kasbah is hummus. Served with their fresh pita bread, I am addicted to Kasbah’s hummus.

Hummus with Pita bread

The Moroccan Cigars are also a hit at Kasbah but these are the kind of cigars that are good for your health. Moroccan Cigars are basically vegetable spring rolls that shouts with a lot of Moroccan pizzazz.

Moroccan Cigars

For desserts, my favorite their version of Baklava. Baklava is a sweet pastry made from filo dough, and layered with chopped nuts and honey. It is a must-try dessert that even non-Moroccan food fans will certainly like.

Moroccan mint tea is something good to have to start or end the meal. And the best place to have it is Kasbah. The tea is not only good for drinking but the presentation is also amazing. Moroccan mint tea is served from a lovely teapot and poured into small glasses embellished with Moroccan accents.

Moroccan Mint Tea 

Music, colors, and flavors fit perfectly together in Kasbah to bring Morocco even When in Manila.

Kasbah Restaurant and Bar

 7th Avenue Corner Katipunan Circle,

Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines,

1201 Fort Bonifacio

Contact No. : (02) 218 4021 

Facebook Page: KasbahTheFort

Twitter: @KasbahTheFort




Kasbah Brings Flavors of Morocco to Manila

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