Karnevore: The BEST Meathouse in Marikina

Ever thought of having a nice wagyu steak, a basket of freshly cooked chicken wings, and all the kinds of meat your heart desires, but you live somewhere in Marikina? Where you thought these things don’t exist? We got you, fam! You can have all of those at Karnevore!

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Strategically located at the corner of Pitpitan St. and Gunting St., Karnevore is easily accessible not only to the Marikina crowd but also to the city-dwellers of Manila. They have ample space for parking, too, so you won’t need to worry about looking for one. (Well, except on Sundays when their resto tends to be busy and full of hungry carnivores!)

The restaurant opened in December 2015. Ever since then, they have been getting a lot of raves and good reviews.

The vision, the owners say, is “to go east and bring good food to the household”and they’re doing well so far. Watch out, Antipolo! The Karnevore is also eyeing on having another branch up there this year!


Karnevore serves multi-cuisine dishes without the hassle of going to different restaurants. The idea is to serve the top picks of the culinary world in one place, and to have a wide range of satisfying and affordable meat dishes such as steaks, chops, ribs, chicken wings, burgers, and a whole lot more. The restaurant is named after the word “carnivore” (meat eater), after all.

Classic CheeseburgerClassic Cheeseburger

This is not just your typical steakhouse. This is a meathouse. I repeat, a MEATHOUSE.

What I love the most about Karnevore is its sense of comfort. The place just screams ‘homey’ and it’s where you would love to bring your family to impress them without having to shell out a big chunk of your savings. Although, I must say, eating here might make you feel you can never have enough steak and burgers in a week. If your budget allows you, you would want to have every meal here.


WIMKarnevore015Tenderloin Steak

My personal favorites on the menu are the Singaporean-Style Chili Pork Ribs, Thai Ribeye Salad, Karnachos, Hunter’s Style Ribeye Pizza and, the best one, the Braised Lamb Shank Milanese.

Singaporean-Style Chili Pork RibsSingaporean-Style Chili Pork Ribs

This salad is a fresh burst of goodness! I never really thought I would like salad, but Thai Ribeye Salad happened to me!

Thai Ribeye SaladThai Ribeye Salad


For the Blackened Pizza Margherita, they used Cerveza Negra to make the dough black as it is. But don’t worry! It’s alcohol-free and completely safe for kids to eat this delicious and cheesy pizza!

Hunter's Style Ribeye Steak (top) and Blackened Pizza Margherita (bottom)Hunter’s Style Ribeye Steak (top) and Blackened Pizza Margherita (bottom)

The Braised Lamb Shank Milanese is essentially a meal to die for. The tender meat just falls off the bone and the prominent taste of red wine and fresh herbs really give it a nice blend of flavors if paired with the squash risotto. This is truly a must try dish.

 Braised Lamb Shank Milanese (bottom center)Braised Lamb Shank Milanese (bottom center)

The food here, and the experience of textures and flavors in it, is not something you can just forget. A great indicator that Karnivore really is passionate about the food they make. It’s a craft they take seriously. Customers get a consistent taste and value for money every time they dine with Karnevore.


WIMKarnevore022Friendly Karnevore squad!


Pitpitan St. cor. Gunting St., Marikina City
Facebook: www.facebook.com/karnevore
Instagram: @karnevorefood