Kapitolyo Foodtrip Series: Remembering Thailand in NAV Modern Thai Cuisine!

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When In Manila and your taste buds are screaming for Thai food with a Filipino twist, try Nav Modern Thai Cuisine in Kapitolyo! With our ongoing hunt for food spots in Kapitolyo, we came across Nav Modern Thai Cuisine restaurant. I was able to experience Thai food a few years ago in Bangkok and let me tell you, they do have good and spicy food! Thanks to Nav, my love for thai food was revived.


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Looks can be deceiving. What seems to be a very small establishment from the outside can actually accomodate around 30 to 35 diners. Nav has nice and modern interiors, and a plus that they have good lighting that makes the place very cozy.


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Time to stuff ourselves with good Thai food!


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Some of their specials written on a blackboard with colorful chalks! It reminded me of those tea stalls in Chatuchak Market in Bangkok.


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Taken from the the stairs heading to the mezzanine area. There are a few tables on the ground floor and their counter.


Nav originated from the passion for Thai food of brothers Janus and Marlo Naval (hence the name). They were fascinated with the flavors of Thai food and recreated it to incorporate a Filipino twist.


ขอกิน!! (Let’s eat! in Thai)


Drinks were served, we had homemade iced tea (Php95) and Nav’s own version of Thai Milk Tea (Php110). It’s my first time to try Thai Milk Tea so I don’t really have something to compare it with, but it was good – at least for me! 🙂


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For starters, Shrimp Rolls with Homemade Sweet Chili (Php250). They were full and packed with shrimps, spring onions and vermicelli noodles, the wrapper was cooked to crisp perfection too and that’s a must to me when it comes to spring rolls. The homemade sweet chili dip has that nice kick of spice and a subtle sweetness to it.


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Next up is from their salad selection, the Crisped Catfish with Green Mangoes (Php 245). My second time to try catfish, the first one I had was grilled catfish and I surprisingly found it really good. Trying out Nav’s crisped catfish didn’t disappoint me. I enjoyed munching on the crispy and salty portions of catfish that I forgot it was a salad and goes with the green mangoes. Haha! 


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 Shrimp & Eggs Fried Rice or Khao Pad (Php 210). Khao means rice and Pad means to fry, Nav’s shrimp and eggs fried rice was a winner for us, together with the Boneless Chicken Pandan.


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Boneless Chicken Pandan (Php 270). Boneless and tender, this one’s a delightful treat with the khao pad! It has a bit a sweetness to it and the charcoal-grilled flavor just won me over. It became an instant favorite! It also comes with vinegar on the side.


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Crisped Dory with Red Curry Sauce (Php 320). This is one of Nav’s specials and hey, who can go wrong with cream dory, right? It comes with the red curry sauce which is a sweet and mildly spicy treat. And if you want a your food really spicy, I think you can request for the Green Curry sauce which is spicier.


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And for dessert, we had Nav’s Thai Sticky Rice with Fresh Mangoes (Php 170). I regretted not trying this one when I was in Bangkok but Nav’s version gave me a good introduction to it. Put some mango on a sticky rice portion and drench it with coconut milk — it was pure bliss! This dessert might look simple and plain but it was soooo good! I suggest you try it for yourself!


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Nav also offers imported Singha beers, cocktails, wines and other alcoholic concoctions.


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Thanks to everyone in Nav! We really had a great Thai food binge!


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When In Manila and want to try a new cuisine, why not try Thai food that suits the Filipino tastebuds? Go to Nav Modern Thai Cuisine in Kapitolyo, Pasig!




Nav Modern Thai Cuisine

16-C United St., Kapitolyo, 1600 Pasig City

Contact Number: (632) 655 8395

Nav’s Facebook Page

Open from 11AM to 11PM on Sunday to Thursday

Open from 11AM to 12AM on Friday & Saturday



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