Kapitolyo Foodtrip Series: Monster Ribs at RUB Ribs & BBQ!


RUB Ribs & BBQ is next on out Kapitolyo Foodtrip Series!

When In Manila and have a big appetite? Not a problem! Try to satisfy your hunger at RUB Ribs & BBQ in Kapitolyo!

RUB in Kapitolyo is less than a year old but it is gaining a decent number of following because of their delicious monster ribs, wings, rings, fish & chips and a lot more! We dropped by one morning on their place to give ourselves rib-lovin’ treat!



RUB‘s interiors are very likely of an American diner with posters on its walls and a chalkboard menu! 


We got there a little early and I think we made a right choice because we were surprised how RUB Ribs got packed with hungry customers when lunch time came! The place might seem a little small but the food is a different story! Definitely the reason why their patrons keep coming back!



Oh RIBS, we are so ready to devour you!



Their diner booths are perfect for families and barkadas who love to eat! Maybe I should bring my SuperFriends to RUB next time.


Quotes from famous people on their wall.


And their very cool wall installation. 😀


But here comes the best part of our visit — Eating time!!


Kicked it to a good start with their crispy Onion Rings with aioli dip (Php160).

Light nibbles first because we’ll be facing a bigger battle later!


RUB Beef (Php290) – Dry Rubbed U.S. Hanging Tender with Garlic Sauce, Buttered Vegetables and Toast


This is somewhat similar to Beef Salpicao, and we liked it! The beef was really tender and the flavor is top notch! I don’t know what’s the science behind Salpicao and toast pairing and why it goes well together but I do like letting my slice of beef lay on a slice of toast and just devour it. YUM-MY.


Grilled Fish (Php195) – Grilled fish with Spinach and Lemon Butter Sauce


This is served wrapped in an aluminum foil and at first I thought it was baked but in fact, it’s grilled and it is just so heavenly. I am a fish lover and this one just hit me on the right spot! I didn’t mind eating most of it! I have no regrets in doing so! The fish is soft and cooked perfectly that it’s not soggy from the lemon butter sauce, the spinach on top was also a delight. Aside from their Raki’s Ribs, this grilled fish goodness is definitely a must try in RUB!  


Now let’s go our most-awaited part!


 Oh come on, I know you want me.


Lo and behold!! This is RUB’s Raki’s BBQ Ribs Family Brunch (Php685) – Delicious ribs and it comes with 3 Side Dishes; good for 4 persons. But in our case, me and D can take down a slab each. Yes, monster appetite — we have it.


Their Raki’s Ribs are also available in Super Duo (serves 2 with 2 sides; Php370) and in Singles (solo size with 1 side dish + plain rice; Php205)


This is just half of our big plate…


…and this is the remaining half.


For our sides, we had Garlic Spinach & MushroomGrilled Buttered Corn and Sprice (Spiced Fried Rice)


We loved all the sides on our plates! I got to keen on the corn that I ate all for myself!


They have other sides available (aside from the above mentioned), you can choose from the following: Fresh Potato Fries, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Texas Toast, Bacon & Potato Salad, Coleslaw and Buttered Vegetables.

Can’t get enough of their sides? You can get them for Php85 each for individual orders.


Just look at that sauce and all that meaty goodness. Let me RUB.. I mean, love you! 


How to feast on you RUB Ribs? We have no rules here, just go ahead and dig in! We don’t mind if you use your utensils or your hands! 

The ribs’ meat easily gets off the bone so eating them won’t be a problem! You can savor your ribs right to the bones!


Best pair your meal with their House Blend Ice Tea (Php110/pitcher good for 4)


And who said we’re done? 

There should always be room for dessert!


RUB offers a few dessert choices and we ended our meal with their Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream (Php150)


After our big meal, it’s impossible to not get full! My stomach is full to the brim! Thanks to RUB Ribs & BBQ!


The guys behind RUB Ribs & BBQ, Sir Don Tayag and Sir Martin Kabigting. Thank you for having us! 🙂


RUB is quite hard to spot if you’re not on a keen lookout, a larger sign would be a great addition.

Just watch out for this building and you’re in the right place! Just make sure you have enough stomach space when you go to RUB Ribs & BBQ, because you will definitely be in for a big and delicious meal!



When In Manila, you can forget about your diet for a day and have delightful feast on ribs and a lot more at RUB Ribs & BBQ! It wouldn’t hurt to indulge once in a while! 😉







RUB Ribs & BBQ

88 East Capitol Drive, Bgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Contact Number: (632)  624 6850

Twitter | Facebook

Open 11AM to 10PM Daily




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Kapitolyo Foodtrip Series: Monster Ribs at RUB Ribs & BBQ!


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