Kanto Freestyle Breakfast: 24/7 Gourmet Breakfast by the Street


When In Manila and craving for a delicious and hearty breakfast meal, you definitely have to get it at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast!


Back in college, my friends and I usually go out of the dormitory during late nights to buy some food to eat while studying ( sometimes more on the eating part). There are many food establishments around our area which are open for 24 hours. Definitely convenient if you’re craving for tapsilog at 2AM in the morning, and I know I’m not the only one who experiences that!


Last May 14, I met up with my friend at 9 PM to have some late-night dinner. I only had coffee after work so I was really hungry. We decided to try Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. Well, it wasn’t an easy hunt in going there. Good thing the residents around the area were kind enough to tell us directions. My friend slowly drove and we peaked at San Joaquin St., he said “Looks like just residential houses to me.” “Yeah, seems like it. Where could it be?” I replied. We got lost for 30 minutes! After searching and searching, we finally found the place.



kanto breakfast way in

Finally found the way to Kanto Freestyle Breakfast! 



The place seems like the typical 24/7 eatery that we see at the streets with the usual roster of -silog meals in their menu. As the old cliche goes, “Looks can be deceiving.”  This is definitely not your typical eatery by the street.



kanto breakfast facade

The pictures at the tarpaulins outside already says “Hey, we have some good stuff here!” The pictures do not lie!



Now what should you eat at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast when its 10 PM and you are extremely hungry? After looking at the menu, everything I read sounded delicious!  They have a variety of meals and sandwiches to choose from. Well, here’s what we ate for dinner:



kanto breakfast strawberry and blueberry pancakes

Strawberry and Blueberry Pancakes


I really loved the blueberry pancakes with maple syrup! It’s even yummier when you put some butter with it. I think I almost ate all the blueberry part of the pancakes. My friend like strawberries so he enjoyed the strawberry part. Yummy!  



kanto breakfast pampanga tocino

Kanto Boy Breakfast Meal – Pampanga Tocino


We got to talk to one of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast’s owner, Vince Juanta. He said they only serve tocino from Pampanga. Same goes with their Beef  Tapa meal; they only serve those of from Batangas. Only the best for the breakfast meal-loving diners. Also, every rice meal comes with not one, but two eggs! Well, the highlight of this meal for me was the pesto tomato. I don’t usually eat tomatoes, I even remove them from some dishes that I eat but with this one, I wanted to take home a bucket of it. Really tasty! It converted me to some tomato-lovin’.



kanto breakfast french toast with french toast and bacon and two eggs freestyle

French Toast and Bacon with Two Eggs Freestyle


They definitely got how I liked my fried eggs: scrambled and fluffy! Reminds me of those Perfect Scrambled Eggs that Gordon Ramsay cooks on Youtube. The bacon strips were cooked perfectly! Not too crunchy but not under cooked. The French Toast drizzled with maple syrup and topped with butter gives a good balance to the saltiness of the scrambled eggs.



kanto breakfast eggs benedict

Eggs Benedict


The potato wedges were soft and chewy.The melted cheese and uncooked egg yolk of the sunny side up really went well! I was very surprised with that. The ham was good too. The bread would have been better if it was a little toasted for that breakfast-y feel but all in all, this was a good dish.



kanto breakfast hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate


Chugged down all those delicious food with some hot chocolate. I had coffee before going to Kanto Freestyle Breakfast so I opted for this one.



kanto breakfast cooks

The cooks who concocted our dinner. Thanks guys!

When we got to chat more with Vincent, he told us that he was the one who conceptualized the menu. What he had in mind when thinking about it was “What breakfast meals would I always want to be available at our house?” Now if only this was the case at our home, then I would be one very happy camper!  Also, he told us about the freestyle option from the menu. Diners can mix and match breakfast food for their own customized rice meals. Mine would definitely include bacon and pesto tomato overload. You can view the Kanto Freestyle Breakfast menu here.


 Overall, I can say that getting lost to find Kanto Freestyle Breakfast was definitely worth it. The food was great. The place looked nice and safe even after the late hours of the night. The staff was nice. And also eating gourmet breakfast meals without the fuss of being in a fancy restaurant.


kanto breakfast owner vicente juanta

With one of the owners of Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, Vincent Juanta. 


Oh, and GREAT NEWS! Kanto Freestyle Breakfast will be celebrating its First Year Anniversary on May 21, 2012! They are having an UNLIMITED RICE PROMO on all rice meals from May 21 – May 28, 2012! Now that got me to think of going back again!


 So When In Manila, get your breakfast meal craving satisfied at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast!


kanto breakfast map



549 San Joaquin St. Brgy. Plainview, 0550 Mandaluyong, Philippines

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kantofreestylebreakfast

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kantobfast