Kafe Batwan: Filipino Food with a Twist

 “We are a modern, Filipino cafe, trying to push Filipino food forward, but without sacrificing the true essence of Filipino flavors.” Chef JP Anglo

My love for food and its many experiences have brought me to yet another Filipino restaurant that shows a lot in Filipino cuisine. Filipino food has become quite ordinary to me, so my search for something beyond typical Filipino cooking has led me to Kafe Batwan.



Despite his busy schedule and hectic “cafe-business” life, cafe owner Chef JP Anglo gave me a whole different experience of Filipino food. Kafe Batwan is not a fusion of globalized flavors from countries. Rather, it is essentially Filipino, but with a more distinct flair and mix of available sources and flavors. In other words, Chef JP has re-imagined and repackaged Filipino food through Kafe Batwan.

“We don’t want to rip our customers off on the money that they spend on food.” – Chef JP Anglo

Kafe Batwan Interiors

The feel and mood are quite homey to begin with, with a blend of fine-dining and home-cooked food. It isn’t difficult to just pop in and savor the comforts of a Filipino gastronomic delight.






Food expert reviews are painted on glass windows to provide a hip and homey feel while proving to foodies that the cafe has indeed passed certain standards.




Read on for the food!


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