Juicesabel: A One-Day Detox Juice Diary for the Books

Juicesabel: A One-Day Detox Juice Diary

I haven’t gone to the gym for quite some time now because I’m on the nightshift and am too tired to go (excuses, excuses) the next morning. I’ve already tried dozens of diets, but so far only one diet delivery program worked for me.

Juicesabel Detox Juice

Juicesabel Detox Juice

I received the package from Juicesabel one Friday morning, which consisted of 6 bottles, 1 salad and 1 mac wrap. I was still on a diet delivery program, though, so I had to start my detox juice cleanse the next day.  I read the “manuals” that came with the detox juice cleanse kit and was surprised to see that the welcome manual was personalized. My name was on it, which is a little bit surprising. I don’t think other juice programs do this.

Saturday arrived and I found myself sipping on the Yogi detox tea that came along with the kit while watching Breaking Bad with Louis. The tea tasted like cinnamon, which was not bad.

10AM: I walked out of the kitchen with the Oh Malunggay juice and boy was I in for a challenge. This detox juice was the hardest to down for me mainly because I could taste the kale and I am not a fan of kale. I would have called this bottle “The strange and green”.

12 PM: I opened my bottle of the Melon Booster and took a good look at it (I may or may not have sniffed it…) to make sure it wasn’t as challenging the first one. Surprisingly, this became my favorite juice out of all of the juices in the kit. It reminded my of the melon candy I used to munch on when I was kid.

2PM: We took a break from our Breaking Bad marathon and  I downed my bottle of Aloha Bliss. It wasn’t that challenging for me because the Apple, Pineapple and Papaya masked the taste of the cucumber in it.

Juicesabel Detox Juice

4PM: I stared at the red bottle in my hand and wondered if there was something wrong with the juice since there were seeds floating in it. Then I remembered that this was the juice that contained Chia seeds. I took a sip and smiled. It tasted like summer – if summer had a taste. The Chia seeds gave it some character seeing as they were swimming around screaming, “Drink us!”

6PM: Hunger pangs attacked, so I drank the Tropical ambrosia to help ease the hunger. This one also tasted like summer. I like how they used coconut water to balance it out since it contained banana, which was the dominant taste in this juice.

8PM: Carrot Cooler. I was dreading this flavor because of the word “Carrot”. Normally, carrot juice tastes like something only Bugs Bunny would adore, but this was not bad at all. The apple and pineapple masked the taste of the ginger, but it still tasted a little “carrot-y”. It was okay, though.

9PM: Time to relax after a day of just having 6 bottles of juice. The bedtime tea tasted delightful.

Wondering where the salad and the wrap went?

Juicesabel Detox Juice

Well, I had the wrap for breakfast Friday morning along with the breakfast I had with my diet delivery service only because I was starving when I got home. The wrap tasted very healthy, although it was bit dry.

Juicesabel Detox Juice

For the salad, Jo (the awesome lady who took the photos for this article) advised me not to put parmesan cheese on it because it would help with the bitter aftertaste. It did, but unfortunately, the salad was a bit too much for me, especially because of  the aftertaste.

Would I do this cleanse again?  Overall, it was a pretty good experience, so I would definitely do this again. Next time, I’ll be ordering ala carte, though, so I can choose the juices that I want to consume for my cleanse. I’d probably not opt to have the salad, either.

Juicesabel Detox Juice


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Juicesabel: A One-Day Detox Juice Diary

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