JUICE Powerbanks: Got Juice? Power Up Your Gadget with the Juice!

Filipinos are very fond of gadgets and the Philippines is one of the fastest-growing market for smartphones alone. Based on my personal usage, I am highly reliant on mobile internet and if you’re like me, you are already aware by now as to how power-consuming mobile internet is. Imagine yourself on Friday night and stuck on heavy traffic (terrible situation), add to that the daunting circumstance that your phone is flashing the lowbatt warning already. Que horror. Or you can’t take that precious selfies anymore with your friends, family or even your crush because… lowbatt. 


Fret no more because…


And with the endless options out there, you might ask yourself: Which one to buy?

I highly suggest that you get one from a brand that is reliable and is of high quality and personally, I would recommend the powerbanks from Juice. I just got mine a few weeks ago and I am really happy with it! I am a heavy gadget user (2 smartphones and an iPad) and I need my phone to do some work wherever I go. Thank goodness I don’t experience lowbatt situations anymore now that I have my 10,800 mAh Juice powerbank. Let me share with you my Juice powerbank unboxing and just how awesome it is!


Charge your devices anytime anywhere with our high capacity – high quality power banks. The power bank provides a great amount of power to support people with an increasing need to stay mobile. Whether it’s working from the mobile office or traveling internationally, more power means less time spent searching for outlets in unfamiliar territory. The 10800mAh has more than enough power to go around. Feel free to be generous with friends while traveling or just out on the town. Charge two devices simultaneously. Traveling alone? No problem. The 10800mAh will recharge your smartphone up to 8 times keeping you connected while away from home. Whether it’s an iPad, Kindle, iPhone, Samsung or some other tablet, smartphone, digital camera, GoPro, Action Camera, this powerbank is the ultimate solution for any smart-device and for every type of mobile power user.

JUICE Powerbanks: Got Juice? Power Up Your Gadget with the Juice!Juice Powerbank-2 The JUICE box is here!

Juice Powerbank-1

Hulk is curious one but he’s quite excited to see what’s inside too


Juice Powerbank-3

Ta-daaa! At first look, the Juice powerbank reminded me of the first generation iPods.


Juice Powerbank-8

What’s inside? The Juice Powerbank, manual, USB connector (that fits most of Android devices) and a pouch. Sorry, mini Hulk is not included!


Juice’s 10,800 mAh capacity powerbank is made from plastic material but trust me, it’s sturdy. It is a lithium-ion polymer battery and can fully recharge your gadgets up to 8 times. And what’s cooler about the Juice powerbank is that it features the Smart Chip Protection which prevents Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over Load, and Short Circuit.

Juice Powerbank-13

It has a touch button power (which I found so cool) and it’s battery indicator displays bars corresponding to the percentage of battery charge available. It would have been cooler if it had a digital numerical display instead, nonetheless the touch feature is a nice touch (pun intended). 4 LED bars lit means it’s 100% charged!

Juice Powerbank-6

Hulk up your gadgets’ juices! The Juice powerbank has a battery life of 500 cycles. It weighs around 240g. Might feel a tad bulky but understandable since it’s a high-capacity powerbank.

Juice Powerbank-10

It has two ports so you can charge two gadgets at a time. Only one USB connector is provided though. And I wished that the connector they provided is of a longer length.


Juice Powerbank-11

The Juice Powerbank works with Iphone & iPad (although you will need your own USB connector for this) , Samsung , GoPro, GPS, MP3, Tablet, PSP, Camera, Action Camera, Android, Nokia, Sony, LG, HTC and Digital Cameras. It’s awesome that I can charge my action camera with the Juice powerbank too!

Juice Powerbank-16

I am getting quite addicted to this game called Ingress and it requires mobile internet and the GPS on as you play it and I always end up with drained batteries before the day ends. But not anymore! I can play to my heart’s content with the Juice powerbank in hand. 


The Juice 10,800 mAh powerbank retails at Php1,900. A 14,400mAh powerbank is available too for 2,300. You can get yours at the Juice Power Bank website here: https://juicepowerbank.com/category.php?id_category=135


When In Manila, get the Juice for your gadgets! Highly recommended for a trusty, high-quality powerbank for your gadget’s power needs! Whether you’re stuck in traffic, no outlet in the vicinity or while on the road, the Juice Powerbank won’t let you run out of battery anymore! Charge anytime, anywhere!

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JUICE Powerbanks: Got Juice? Power Up Your Gadget with the Juice!


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