Jollibee’s Strawberry Choco Sundae: Have You Tried it Yet?

Words by: Nadine Hocson
Photos by: Eunick Nobe

Jollibee’s Strawberry Choco Sundae is the latest and sweetest combination out there.

In need of an indulgent fix to kick off your 2018? Jollibee’s got the right one for you. Bringing together complementing tastes and textures to tantalize your sweet tooth, is the Strawberry Choco Sundae.

For the past forty years, Jollibee never failed to bring nothing but the best for the Filipino people. Their beloved classics, Chickenjoy and Yumburger, among others, continue to be part of the Bida ang Saya experience Jollibee always offers. No matter the occasion, Jollibee is the go-to comfort food of Filipinos everywhere. It is no doubt that Jollibee plays a big role in the lives and appetites of Filipinos.

Every year, the bee that has long been part of our food culture gives out something more for their patrons to look forward to. Last year, Jollibee introduced their strawberry fries and tea float which easily captured the attention of their customers.

Jollibee’s Strawberry Choco sundae is the perfect medley of chocolates and strawberries

This 2018, Jollibee brings you a sundae treat that is the perfect pair to your favorite Jollibee dishes. Their classic vanilla soft-serve is revamped with a generous layer of chocolate fudge and oozing with strawberry syrup. The ultra-indulgent treat does not disappoint since it also has a crunchy chocolate coating and chewy brownie chunks.

No doubt, this sundae will bring you to dessert nirvana at an affordable price of 39.00 pesos.*

*Prices may vary across different locations

Have you tried the Strawberry Choco Sundae? How was it? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


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