Lick Your Lips! Jollibee Has Just Released a BBQ Burger Steak!

You know what tastes like home? Piping hot Jollibee burger steak. You know what else does? A unique blend of tomato-y, garlic-y, sweet and savory, uniquely Filipino barbecue sauce. Jollibee, true to its status as every Filipino’s comfort food, has done us a big favor and combined the two together into a medley that would make angels weep. It’s brilliant, simple, and, most importantly, delicious.

Jollibee BBQ Burger Steak 2

It’s like Jollibee’s saying: “No worries, I did this, so you wouldn’t have to. You’re welcome.” And we are eternally grateful.

This exciting twist to one of Jollibee’s staples combines another taste that the Filipino palate always gravitates to: barbecue sauce. It’s the exact same patty used in their signature burger steak but now paired with the rich barbecue flavor we’ve all grown to love.

Visually, it’s already exciting. The deep brown with the bright yellow of the corn is already such a big difference from what we’re used to. It is loud, it is announcing itself: I’m here! I am new and I am here! It draws us in, makes us curious–and for good reason.

This rich and glossy sauce is poured over the entire patty, coating it with that sweet and savory flavor. It’s paired with a bit of corn for texture and to bring the flavor profile together. Akin to its brother (the gravy and mushrooms version), it’s a play on different textures and flavors all coming together.

Jollibee BBQ burger steak 1

The sauce is nice and thick and it eggs you on to keep taking bite after bite. I was initially worried about my ulam to rice ratio because I took such big bites of the patty out of excitement but the sauce was practically an extension of that ulam and I just poured the rest over the rice. Every bite was an enjoyable experience. I even almost found myself asking for a small cup of extra sauce.

This new dish is a great example of two classics coming together to create something novel but still comforting with its familiarity. Taking that first bite was like my brain was trying to figure out what comfort food I was eating. Is it burger steak? Is it barbecue? The second bite quickly reconciled that. Why not both? My brain promptly shut up and let me enjoy my meal.

What hits you first is that distinct barbecue flavor. The rich and exciting spark is followed by the warmth of the burger patty with its perfect texture and meaty fullness. Couple all of that with steaming hot rice and it’s enough to warm up your stomach in this chilly holiday season.

Jollibee BBQ Burger Steak 4

This dish is also a reflection of Jollibee’s commitment to the Filipino market. They always want to bring new things to the table (pun not intended) that may just satisfy the Filipino palate. They are dedicated to thinking up and exploring ways to cater to our tastes and bring us medleys of well-loved tastes served in new ways. I feel the love.

Its value for money is also something to be celebrated. It has the same value as its original counterpart with the same possible variations (the two-piece, the lumpia combo, etc.). At Php55* for a one-piece meal with a drink, it’s an affordable option for great flavor and even greater satisfaction.

Jollibee takes this innovative turn with a combination that gets a lot of us asking: Why didn’t I think of that? The Pinoy BBQ Burger Steak, as Jollibee officially calls it, is definitely something to watch out for. After scraping up the rest of the sauce and spooning it into my mouth with one last mouthful of rice, I knew I was definitely looking forward to more.

Jollibee BBQ Burger Steak 3

The Jollibee BBQ Burger Steak launches today, December 28 in Metro Manila, January 15 in Northern and Southern Luzon, and January 22 in Visayas and Mindanao. What are you waiting for? It’s still technically holiday season, so treat yourself!

Are you excited about this new addition? Let us know!

*Prices may vary