John Boyega made an impassioned speech at the #BlackLivesMatter protest in London

There are many onscreen heroes in the Star Wars universe and John Boyega, aka Finn, is undoubtedly one of them. Despite criticism against the producers that his character was sidelined and minimized in some films (a discussion for another time), we can’t deny his role in saving the world in the story many of us have grown to love.

During the #BlackLivesMatter protest in London, John Boyega took to the megaphone and proudly declared that he was speaking to everyone from the heart and proved he was a hero in real life, too. “I don’t know if I’m gonna have a career after this,” he said without fear, knowing full well that the importance of black lives and the safety of black bodies came before all of that. “We don’t know what George Floyd could have achieved,” he exclaimed with passion, wondering what the man could have still gone on to be if the police hadn’t brutally ended his life so abruptly. He continues on to say that they don’t leave the protest and stop there, they continue on.

Watch the video below:


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