Say Hello to Joan Miro’s First Filipino Product – Perfect for Your Kids

When I first moved to the Philippines a decade ago, I could hardly speak a word of Filipino. Of course, nadamay yung anak ko and she grew up only speaking English, as well. Looking back, I really wish there had been more products in the market that could have helped me teach my daughter Filipino in an easier way. Maybe I wouldn’t be struggling as much trying to teach her now.

If you have the opportunity to teach your kids Filipino right now but are looking for ways to make the process easier and more fun, Joan Miro is here to the rescue!

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Joan Miro is a leading brand from Europe and is the initiator and practitioner of the APT Theory. A is for art. They believe that art is the best way or medium for children to express themselves and they have all the freedom to do it. P is for play; they believe that every form of play is a good source of learning. And T is for Think; children’s little minds are storehouses of the brightest and greatest ideas yet to be discovered.

In May 2020, Joan Miro entered the Philippine market through an official and exclusive distributorship license with BebeBata Corporation. Since then, moms and kids have been raving about the brand’s amazing products – and this really isn’t surprising.

Not only will their products unleash the artist in our children by allowing them to express themselves freely through art even at a young age (as their goal has always been), but they also have a bunch of educational items that will make learning more fun for the both of you.

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Joan Miro Philippines has made wonders in just a year! Their products continue to strive to make children enjoy their childhood through art and free play amidst a pandemic. This year, they take things up a notch by adding a Pinoy twist to their products. Yes, Joan Miro Philippines is proud to introduce Alpabetong Filipino Flashcards by Joan Miro Philippines – the global brand’s first Filipino product!

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Conceptualized and designed by a team of intelligent and creative individuals – all with a heart for helping children of all ages start learning the basic letters in the Modern Tagalog Language and plant the seed of love and appreciation of the Filipino culture. I love it so much, and really wish it had been around when my daughter was younger. If you have kids, make sure to get your hands on these amazing flashcards now!

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Joan Miro Philippines’ Alpabetong Filipino Flashcards are manufactured from non-hazardous materials, definitely safe for children! This item comes with 28 pieces of large flashcards and a removable loop with the cards containing colorful illustrations that are sure to catch and maintain your kids’ attention for a better learning experience – all while showcasing Filipino-related images to help develop a seed of appreciation for the Filipino culture. It’s time to learn the Filipino Alphabet with the help of Joan Miro!

Joan Miro Philippines

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