Make Events Even More Special With These Colorful Jelly Cakes From Jiggly Gemz

Whenever there’s a special occasion, it’s tradition to surprise your loved one with a typical cake—one decorated with fruits and frosting, with a lovely dedication written on it.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, there are days when you ought to make the celebration even more special with a cake that’s unique and memorable—something like Jiggly Gemz’ colorful and artistic Jelly Cakes!

jiggly gemz jelly cakes ph 1

Jiggly Gemz’ jelly cakes are the product of owner Lou Diamond Lim’s passion to create artful things. Realizing that there weren’t many jelly cake makers locally, she took a workshop to learn how to make one herself and put in a lot of hard work just to perfect the craft until she was eventually inspired to make a business out of it.

Unlike what most people would think when they hear about jelly cakes, Jiggly Gemz infuses them with flavors, namely banana, pandan, ube, vanilla, and almond. Upon request, she can even swap out ingredients with soy milk.

The flavors aren’t overwhelming either, which I personally appreciate after having tried one of their jelly cakes with banana and another with vanilla and soy milk. They’re simply cool, refreshing, and quite addictive; honestly, you wouldn’t notice it if you finished an entire jelly cake in one day (two days, tops).

And really, there’s no way you can’t bring yourself to appreciate just how beautiful Jiggly Gemz’ jelly cakes are. The flowers, the pieces of fruit, and even the shape of the cakes themselves make them look like edible modern art.

jiggly gemz jelly cakes ph 3

Lou admits that simply creating them gives her the most joy. “I enjoy the whole process of making the cakes. Especially when putting the base, it feels very fulfilling. Like, wow, I created another art today,” she told When In Manila. “It feels validating to hear feedback like the cakes are pretty, but even more so when they say that it’s delicious and they really enjoyed it.”

“It’s not something people see everyday, it amazes them and makes them happy to celebrate their milestones with something different,” she added.

jiggly gemz jelly cake header

Get your own beautiful and delicious jelly cake from Jiggly Gemz through their Facebook page or Instagram account.

All photos supplied by Jiggly Gemz

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