Jessy Mendiola shares her journey on finally being “free”

Jessy Mendiola shared an Instagram post recently, reflecting on her realizations on self-worth. In the post, Mendiola claimed that she is “finally free.”

The 27-year-old actress shared the photo saying, “I’m finally free of doubts, anger and, insecurity. My whole life I’ve been in a constant battle with myself. I’ve always doubted what I could do. I was afraid of change. I couldn’t see my worth and how important I was in this life.”

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She then shared how other people’s thoughts always affected her. She said, “I was afraid to do so many things that made me happy because I was worried that others would judge me.”

With this, Mendiola shared her journey into finally being free. The actress said that for the longest time, she was blinded by things she didn’t need in her life.

As such, she turned to her faith to help overcome her worries. She wrote, “God woke me up and made me realize my worth as a human being. He made me realize that He had been there all along in every step that I took in my life. He CHANGED me.”

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“I’ve never felt this feeling before. It’s a wonderful feeling. I am whole again. I am not afraid anymore. I’m taking the leap. I am free,” she wrote.

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