Jerk Cab Driver Tries to Run from Car Accident

Jerk Cab Driver Tries to Run from Car Accident
Accidents happen, but what’s even worse is when someone tries to run from something and even try to hurt or scare you in the process.
Here’s a story about a jerk cab driver, but also about some nice strangers who step in to block the cab driver’s escape.
Jerk Cab Driver
Original story posted by Chase Lynn C.
The non-angry detailed version of what happened to me today.

This is a detailed complaint against Mr. RODOLFO SABLAY, driving UWB 622 RSVP TAXI

Around 3:30 PM i was driving down Libis under Eastwood flyover. I was on my way to Antipolo for a shoot.

The was going to u-turn and pass marikina, so i was already slowing down, coz im gonna go left to the uturn slot ahead. Suddenly, i heard breaks screeching, then when i looked to my side mirror, i saw a cab coming then his side mirror hit the rear side of my brand new Ford Ecosport. It’s not even a month old. So imagine the rage that was already building up.

The cab, showed no signs of attempting to stop and check up on what he hit.

So the outraged car owner of the new car aka ME, stepped on the gas–i over took him and blocked the cab so he would stop.

I went down to check on what he hit. He also went down. He told me na “pasensiya na po mam. Wala naman po yan eh. Matatanggal yan.” I told him to pay for it. Or he should remove the scratch right in front of my eyes. He took a rug but it wasn’t going away. So I’m becoming more angry. In this process i was also taking photos. I am demanding for his name but he refused to give it.

So i said, that either he has to remove the scratch now, or he has to pay for it. I wont deny. I was cursing at this point too. He then told me, “wala naman ako kailangan bayaran eh!!!” The driver went back to the taxi. Knowing he plans to escape, I quickly went in front of the cab to stop him.

I went in front and placed my hand on his hood. He started the taxi and MOVED THE CAR FORWAD. I was moving back coz i know ill get hurt if i don’t move. He even revved up his engine while looking straight into my eyes. He still continued to run forward despite my obvious presence in front of his car. It continued to move forward attempting to escape. He was able to move to the right but a Starex was able to block him. Then another Honda city blocked him when he was trying to dodge the Starex. Both drivers of the cars went down to hold him.

Plus the security of the nearby village. A lot of people saw what was happening. So he had to stop.

I was crying, shaking and hysterical at this point. No decent driver would move his car forward knowing that here is a human being in front of the car. He attempted to escape TWICE. clearly the driver is not going to take responsibility for what he has done.

In the photo below, you can see that he even has the nerve to laugh after everything that happened.

So from a simple scratch that he could have payed 1000 or he could have removed it right in front of me, he was charged with wreck-less driving and he is gonna pay up 4k for that.

But the main issue now is his negligence for my safety when he started to run his car forward when clearly i was in front of it.

I’m actually VERY upset that I cannot send him to jail because i wasn’t hurt physically. But I want him in jail.

With the help of The Clark Law Office experts I WILL continue to file charges against the driver, RODOLFO SABLAY. I will take this to LTFRB. I believe that with such attitude, he is NOT allowed to drive AT ALL.

Any help you can give me to bring law to this man will be much appreciated.

As for my car, it’s happy and scratch free already. As for me, I am still in emotional and psychological distress. but physically I am A-OK:)

Written by Chase Lynn C.


What would you do in this type of a situation?

Aren’t cabs insured by their employers anyway? So why was the driver running? I know he might get scolded by his boss, but isn’t running just going to make it worse?

Glad to hear that the woman involved is ok.



Jerk Cab Driver Tries to Run from Car Accident