Jericho Rosales Defended Women’s Choice To Not Get Pregnant

Echo, can you get any more perfect?

Jericho Rosales and wife Kim Jones have always been #CoupleGoals to us, but Jericho just totally won Husband of the Year after he publicly stood up for Kim (and women all over the world) on her personal choice not to have children.

Christ, You Rock.

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It all started when Jericho posted a photo of him and Kim sitting in front of their Christmas tree, their backs to the camera, with a simple caption: “Christ, You Rock”.

And in the way of the internet, netizen @joymillan1987 left a harsh comment on the innocuous photo, writing:

“Seriously? Can’t even with you all the time ‘coz she’s busy traveling and fulfilling her dreams. If she’s a wonder woman for you @jerichorosalesofficial she should get pregnant and be a real woman!!! Would you agree@kimcamjones?”

To which Echo responded (nicely, we might add):

awww I don’t think getting preggy and having babies is the only measure for being a woman… I love that my wife travels and works on her dreams. Makes me really proud. Have the best holiday season and peace and love to you from us

Naturally, the comment has since been deleted. Meanwhile, Kim took to Instagram Stories to thank her husband for standing up for her and believing that “a woman’s worth and the measure of a “real woman” comes from a multitude of qualities.”

Kim ended with a simple and perfect, “Thank you for having my back. That’s my man.”

Hay, Echo. Ruining men for us worldwide.

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