Jeira’s Blooms: Make Someone Special Smile with These Bespoke Dried Flower Arrangements

With this year’s Valentine’s Day coming up in just a few weeks, you should already be preparing for something nice to give to your special someone. And if she (or he) enjoys flowers, you might want to opt for something that will last longer than fresh ones.

Dried flowers are all the rage right now because it’s a lot more cost-efficient and they add a different kind of elegance to any space. If you’re in the market for dried flower arrangements that are unique and special—nothing less for that special person in your life—you have to check out Jeira’s Blooms.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

Jeira’s Blooms is the start-up venture of Maria Ornales established in October 2020. It all started with a bunch of lavenders given to her by her boyfriend. Because she enjoyed the scent and the instant beauty it adds to the room, Maria started to get into dried flower arrangements. She mainly wanted to share with other people the joy she gets from that bunch of lavenders in her home.

After a short while, her beautiful arrangements attracted lots of interested customers.

Jeira’s Blooms boasts of its customized dried flower arrangements which can be for any space and any occasion.

You can get arrangements as bouquets for a special gift or in vases for an elegant piece of home decor, just to name a few examples.

Every single thing about their arrangements are personalized, and even if a client doesn’t have a certain arrangement or look in mind, Maria will ask certain questions to help create a unique and personal arrangement. Truly, Jeira’s Blooms takes pride in pouring out the brand’s heart and soul into each arrangement.

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Photo from Jeira’s Blooms

Jeira’s Blooms goes above and beyond just creating a beautiful dried flower arrangement. If needed, they also offer cakes and chocolates as add-ons. They’ve even done surprise set-ups in cars!

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

And now, perfect for Valentine’s Day, they also offer flower necklaces and arrangements in glass domes and shadowboxes. These are great options for unique gifts that still have the timeless elegance of floral arrangements.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

If your significant other loves creating stuff, you can also opt for the DIY kit that they offer! It’s already got a variety of dried flowers and a simple vase.

It’s amazing to know that Maria didn’t even get any professional training for this. She just learned from watching YouTube videos, practiced, and poured out her heart into each arrangement she created.

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Photo by Vivien del Valle-Borres

She also recognizes the huge part that her boyfriend plays in the clockwork of Jeira’s Blooms—from giving her the inspiration to start her business up to doing deliveries!

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That passion and love are so evident in all of the products.

What we love the most about Jeira’s Blooms is that you won’t just get a beautiful dried flower arrangement that can instantly brighten up your day; they also offer meaningful moments that come with their wide variety of products.

Jeira’s Blooms is based in Lemery, Batangas, but they deliver nationwide.

Jeira’s Blooms