10 Must-Have Items for a Romantic Date Night at Home

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s still not recommended to be out and about, a romantic date night at home would be our best option for the day. This doesn’t mean that we can’t put as much effort into celebrating at home. You can still turn it into a romantic evening, especially with the help of these must-have items from Lazada:

10 Must-Have Items for A Romantic Date Night at Home

Waterproof String Lights

string lights

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Whether you’re having dinner inside the house or out in the garden, these waterproof string lights will instantly set the atmosphere for a romantic evening. This already includes durable light bulbs with a warm white glow. Buy them now while they’re at 51% off!

Dried Rose Petals


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Nothing says romance like red roses, or in this case, dried rose petals. Whether you use them as decorations, or for soaking in the bathtub, these dried rose petals are surprisingly versatile. If you’ve been doing date nights at home for a while now, I’m pretty sure these dried rose petals will set Valentine’s apart. Buy some now while they’re at 43% off!

Battery-Operated Candles


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To add to the romantic vibes and mood lighting, candles are a great option. But since actual flaming candles have safety concerns that might keep you distracted throughout the night, you might want to opt for these battery-operated candles that give off the same vibe as candles but without the fire risks. Buy some now while they’re at 29% off!

Q&A Cards

ice breaker for couples

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A great date night is only as good as the moments and conversations you have. With this set of ice breaker cards specifically made for couples, you can spend Valentine’s Day getting to know each other even more. Buy it now for only Php299 – it’s on sale!

Reed Diffuser Set

mia maison reed diffuser set

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When creating something memorable, it’s best to tickle all five senses. Set the mood with a luxurious scent that will instantly fill the room thanks to this reed diffuser set. Order this now!

Chocolate Fountain


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If you and your significant other love sweets, then chocolate can’t be absent on any date night. Mix it up a bit for this Valentine’s Day with your very own chocolate fountain. That would sure make a memorable Valentine’s Day celebration even if you’re just at home. Order it now!

Elegant Dinner Plates

dinner plates

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Why have dinner on your normal everyday plates when you can enjoy your food on sophisticated dinner plates? A romantic evening calls for an elegant set of plates—and these come in minimalist yet stylish colors that would make any meal look like gourmet dishes. Buy them now while they’re on sale at half the price!

Wine Glasses

wine glass

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An amazing meal for Valentine’s Day must be paired with a great bottle of wine. To complete the romantic dinner experience, you’ll need the complete utensils of course, such as this set of wine glasses! This set is both elegant and very durable—sure to last many other holidays with your loved ones! Buy them now while they’re at 24% off!

Rose Gold Foil Balloons


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If you’re planning for an all-out set-up for your date night, you can opt for this massive 40-inch rose gold foil balloon that says “love.” If that doesn’t send the right message about your romantic date, I don’t know what will! Buy them now while they’re at 24% off!

Pocket Projector

pocket projector

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Movie night for date night? That’s no problem with this pocket projector! Now, you can spend time watching your favorite movies or shows wherever there may be a wide flat surface. Perfect if you want to mix things up a bit and watch flicks on the ceiling from the comforts of your bed. Buy it now while it’s on sale at a whopping 51% off!

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With these simple gadgets, you and your significant other can enjoy a memorable Valentine’s Day even at home! What else should we include in this list? Let us know through the comments below!

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