Jasmine Curtis-Smith Saddened to Find Plastic Waste in Palawan Waters

Jasmine Curtis-Smith has taken to Instagram once again to openly lament over the state of our environment.

The young actress, who is currently in Culion, Palawan to shoot her upcoming historical drama film “Culion,” shared a photo to her fans and followers of the pieces of plastic garbage she found along the shores of the island. Among these were instant coffee packets, bottle caps, and medicine tablet strips.

Jasmine couldn’t help but express her disappointment and frustration.

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“Yesterday, when the rain halted and the tides lowered, I took a stroll and spent some few minutes looking for fishes and admiring the quiet afternoon of Culion. Upon walking, I found sachets, a pill pack, plastic utensils and bottle caps. To name a few,” Jasmine wrote in the caption.

“I’ve only spent a couple of days here but I know their locals are respective of their own island, they keep their roads, waters and surroundings clean. So, I’d like to ask you all… Do you throw your trash properly?”

Jasmine pointed out that improper waste disposal happens everywhere in the country, not only at major ports and popular beach destinations.

“No matter where it’s from, the fact that it can casually wash up on our shores is so saddening,” she said.

She then pleaded to everyone to be more mindful of where they throw their trash.

“I hope we can be disciplined for the future. I hope we all wake up everyday conscious of how we go about our every move, including disposing of trash. Kahit na candy wrapper lang yan, kahit na pwet ng yosi lang yan, kahit na ano pa yan. Ang basura dapat sa basurahan, hindi sa kalsada o sa dagat. (Even if it’s just a candy wrapper, or a cigarette butt, or anything at all. Trash should be thrown into garbage bins, not on the street or in the ocean.)”

She added, “Let’s learn to love our mother Earth. Pick up trash whenever and wherever you can. Pocket it til you can bin it.”

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