LOOK: Jasmine Curtis-Smith Collects Plastic Trash During Beach Vacation with Boyfriend Jeff Ortega

What was supposed to be a relaxing beach vacation with her boyfriend turned into a coastal cleanup as Jasmine Curtis-Smith documents the amount of plastic waste she and Jeff Ortega collect along the shore via Instagram stories.

Jasmine Curtis Smith swimsuit

The Kapuso actress and her boyfriend have been sharing the progress of their cleanup everyday ever since the weekend of May 10th when they first showed their Instagram friends and followers how much waste they’ve picked up while walking along the beach shore.

“Show me what you found,” Jeff told Jasmine, who held up a plastic bag filled with waste.

Jasmine and Jeff pick up beach trash

The two have continued to collect plastic waste they would find on the beach whenever they can during their vacation, documenting their progress on Instagram.

“This is all the plastic that we found for this afternoon’s beach cleanup in front of Jeff’s place,” Jasmine said, zooming in on a pile of trash. “We spent the sunset running up and down just cleaning.”

Jasmine and Jeff pick up beach trash

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Jasmine and Jeff pick up beach trash

Jasmine and Jeff pick up beach trash

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