Japanese Sleeper Train Shiki-Shima Is Poised To Be The Most Luxurious Train In The World

Japan is known for changing how the world knows trains today: they introduced the bullet train, the fastest train in the world. Its luxury train, the Kyushu Seven Stars, is the country’s first luxury sleeper train that started in 2014. Yet it seems that this technological behemoth is trying to outdo itself with the Shiki-Shima, touted as the most luxurious train in the world.

Shiki-Shima luxury train

A first look at the Shiki-Shima was released today, as the train service will soon be expecting its first paying passengers in May. 

The Shiki-Shima will be accommodating an exclusive number of 34 passengers in 10 carriages, which will be traveling to northeastern Japan. The train is showcases the best of Japanese design and craftsmanship, with two-storey en-suite suites, two observation cars and a fine-dining restaurant.

Shiki-Shima luxury train 3

Guests will be able to visit the Naruko Hot Springs, the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, and Hirosaki Castle, as well as have the opportunity to meet local craftsmen, and try the dishes in northeastern Japan.

Shiki-Shima luxury train 2

Concierges and butlers will be on board, as the service will showcase “the very best of Japanese hospitality”. Two-day trips will cost from JPY320,000 (roughly P142,353) per person; four-day trips will start at JPY750,000 (roughly P333,641).

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