Iza Calzado Shares Adorable Snaps of Her Baby Deia’s Milestones

Iza Calzado proudly shared the recent milestones of her daughter, Deia Amihan!

Iza Calzado with Deia Amihan

Photo: @missizacalzado Instagram

In an Instagram post, she showed that Deia successfully achieved independent sitting.

“It happened during class (where phones are not allowed) so I recreated the moment at home and this time Deia held the position much longer probably 3 mins long,” she wrote.

The actress also mentioned how excited she was to show it to her husband, Ben Wintle. But to her surprise, Ben confirmed that Deia had already done it in front of him before.


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“Of course, I insisted and still insist that this is the real first time. Definitely is the longest she’s done this!” she added.

In another Instagram post, Iza talked about Deia’s journey to learning to do tummy time and revealed that the little one hated doing it.

“She was born very small so I treated her like this fragile being in the first 2 months. When we tried to make her do tummy time she would cry so I would stop soon after because I felt she was getting stressed,” she expressed.

The 40-year-old mom shared that her friend made her realize the importance of tummy time, which urged her to continue guiding Deia to do it.

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“One day, my friend, Chicho, reiterated the importance of tummy time and how it helped with the development of her first born. Tiyaga lang daw. Deia was probably around 3 months by then. So I figured I needed to get her on her tummy and do it consistently,” she continued.


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She also enthusiastically discussed how she taught Deia, “We started with holding it for a minute, then 2 and then just kept going for a little longer. Clocked in maybe 20-30 mins per day.”

Aside from that, she said that doing exercises and putting toys on the sides helped a lot in the process. Deia successfully did a tummy time unassisted on June 1, 2023, and she was just over four months old!

“Deia tends to roll to the right but is slowly building trust and confidence to roll to the left. Still doesn’t like to do tummy to back but that’s okay, she will figure it out when she’s ready. No rush,” the actress reiterated.

She concluded her post by commending their hard work in achieving these milestones and saying that Deia now loves tummy time.

Iza announced her pregnancy during her 40th birthday on August 12, 2022, and gave birth on January 26, 2023.

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