Itadaku: Japanese Comfort Food in Butuan City

Itadaku, the first all-Japanese Restaurant in Butuan City, first opened its doors to the public last December 2017 inside Robinsons Mall. The restaurant promises an all-Japanese menu including staple favorites such as Ramen, Sukiyaki, Tempura and the like.

The opening month was packed practically everyday, but was not as promising as everyone had hoped. There were mishaps here and there, but Itadaku¬†was clearly not fazed and has since been trying their best to improve their food and service. Now, it continues to gain ground once again in the local food scene. After what we’ve seen (and tasted!) during our recent visit, it looks like Itadaku is here to stay.

On our most recent visit, we tried everything that was recommended by the staff.

First up was the Tonkotsu (Pork) Ramen, Miso Ramen and Shoyu Ramen (Php195 each), some of the most popular kinds of Ramen in Japan. Out of the 3, my vote would go to their Tonkotsu Ramen because I have a bias towards heavier, thicker and  broths that are cooked relatively longer than their lighter counterparts like the Shoyu Ramen. Of course, if you like lighter broths, you could definitely try their Shoyu or Miso Ramen.

Try their Japanese Curry Rice (Kareraisu Php175), too. Their curry is on the sweeter and milder side and is certainly not as spicy as their other Asian counterparts.

If you also like traditional Japanese soup Sukiyaki, Itadaku serves that, too. Although they are still working on getting a better supply of thinner sliced meats for their Sukiyaki, the taste of the soup is pretty spot on (which, to me, is the most important part).

Another must-try is their Omelette Rice (Omurice Php115). Omurice is basically a fusion of Japanese Fried Rice and the Western Omelette where the crepe-like thinly fried omelette is wrapped around the fried rice. Very basic, very flavorful. You can actually just have this and still end up satisfied.

The Japanese style fried chicken (Tebasaki¬†Php95) is also a nice surprise. It looks very simple without any garnish, but don’t let the simplicity of their presentation fool you. The taste is one that will pleasantly surprise you – just the right mix of sweet and savory with a thin and crispy crunch to the skin. The taste is not one to be forgotten.

Other must-tries are their Japanese Ribs (Php255) and Ebi Tempura (Php295).

Their tempura is crispy, light and juicy.

The meat in the Japanese Ribs is so tender that it tears right off the bone and their sauce gives you that extra kick.

Overall, our recent visit to Itadaku did not disappoint. The staff recommendations were a hit with everyone. The restaurant is perfect for a  small gathering of families or friends who want to get together over hearty and homey Japanese comfort food.

For those of you in Butuan, you’ll be happy to know that their new Ramen Chef will also be arriving in August to improve their Ramen even more. There will definitely be more to look forward to from Itadaku in the coming months. Stay tuned!


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