It’s Not Hard to Find a Job. You’re Just Choosy.

You’ve probably heard this rant before; and I’m sure you’re getting tired of it, too.

This is not to dismiss what others are going through when they can’t find a job. This is to start a discussion as to why many Filipinos remain jobless despite the abundant job openings in different industries in the Philippines.


The BPO industry is one of the biggest industries in the Philippines; and despite every morning and night hiring, the posts are still not filling up fast enough. It’s not because there are no workers, but because many snob the opportunity because they don’t want to be a “call center agent lang“. They feel like these jobs are not worthwhile as they do not match their expectations. I have heard so many people talk about the BPO industry as if it’s not a real job and this has affected the mentality of many Filipinos who are looking for a job.

I recently went to a job fair, where there were more than 5000 job openings; but the minute the applicants heard that there would be training prior to hiring or if the pay offer wasn’t that high, they were quick to dismiss the opportunity. There are also many blue collar jobs available, but many don’t like the thought of “manual labor”.

Now, let me get this out of the way: there are many factors as to why many people are unemployed.

Another reason is because there are certain qualifications that applicants might need to meet.

There are also many Filipinos who choose to try their luck abroad instead. Though these people have booming careers here in the Philippines, they choose to go abroad and try their luck at blue collar jobs there. My question is: why are Filipinos willing to do the dirty work abroad, but not here in the Philippines?

Some of my relatives moved to Canada and the United States in hopes of a better future. They all left their white collar jobs in the Philippines and now work as waiters, janitors and even a trash collector there. So, why are Filipino workers choosy about getting blue collar jobs here, but not abroad?

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