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There are times in our lives wherein we just want a moment to last forever. We want to hold onto them for as long as we could. Some of us take pictures to preserve that moment. We keep a little souvenir to remind us of what was. Istorya understands that memories are personal and believes that in no way can mementos be mass produced. Owner Joanna Gutierrez puts in her time and effort to manually cut, sand and polish their pieces. Additionally, upon your request, important words, dates, names may be engraved on necklaces, bracelets, money clips, etc. I ordered items from Istorya recently, and they all turned out beautifully: 



 5. Necklace (P380)– In English, RESPIRO INCEDO means “I breathe.” I had these engraved in memory of one of my best friends who died three years ago. She had these words tattooed on her arm because to her it meant to recover and move on. She was the strongest girl I knew, the only person who could go in and out of the hospital and yet carry herself so well as if she never knew pain at all. With this necklace, I carry a little bit of her with me. 


4. Bracelet (P350) – The word “TIMELESS” means a lot to me and my partner, Charlie. It’s one of the core values we’d like to uphold in our relationship. For his birthday, I got him this bracelet. He can wear it almost everyday since this can match almost any outfit. 


3. Ring (P150)– DARLING. What I call my love. Setting the cheesiness aside, though, this could also stand as a fashion statement. Wearing this ring will automatically add cuteness to my outfit. 


 2. Money Clip (P600) – Make way for the money clip: handy and sophisticated at the same time. Deviate from your bulky leather wallet and keep it classy by putting your initials on it. 🙂


1. Bookmark  – Being a writer, I am a lover of words. Once in a while, I come up with sentences I hold dear to my heart. “May we never lose our passions, even when the world tells us to.” is one of them. What better way to make these word last than by casting it on stone (rather, metal)? 

All it took for me to have these items was to send Istorya a simple e-mail with my instructions, and voila, I see them on my doorstep in a few days’ time. They also came with specific instructions on how to care for the pieces, ensuring that these pieces will be in good condition even after a long time. Now you know: when you want to immortalize a moment, Istorya is the place to go. 



Mobile: 0917-5432341


IG: @istorya



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