Is This Another Theft Modus on the Bus?

Living in Metro Manila, we are exposed to different modus (modi) operandi that often involve theft of some sort like pickpocket, snatching, hold-ups, and extortion. Almost any mode of transportation you take in the city are susceptible to any of these so it is highly recommended that commuters become vigilant.

In the past, we have shared stories such as knockout gas inside the taxi modus, taxi modus with alleged police accomplices, dura/laglag barya gang, and taxi holdup. Even when not traveling, there are still other modi operandi that you should be alert of like this church pickpocket, riding in tandem holduppasok bahay modus, call center fake employee modus, and bank modus.

Recently, one of our readers shared her recent experience of a modus operandi that can happen when you take the bus. Here’s her story along with photos of her encounter:

To all my commuter friends, I urge you to please be careful and more vigilant. Especially those riding the bus.

Today while I was on the way home riding a bus going to Ayala a guy sat beside me, he looked like a decent man nothing sketchy or anything. He tapped me and informed me that I had something on my clothes. When I checked I indeed had ketchup on my dress and tote bag. Having read a familiar modus like this in facebook I just ignored him and did not bother to wipe it off to avoid opening my bag. He even asked me if I had any tissue or handkerchief in which I replied “wala eh. San kaya galing to ketchup pa. Kuya bat may stain ka sa pantalon and sa kamay mo?” After that he did not reply and looked nervous and on edge. Luckily after I said that, my bus stop was near so I went to the front of the bus. When I got off the bus I did an item check and luckily nothing was taken from me.

Guys please if something happens like this just let it be. Don’t open your bag because this is a modus of snatchers using either ketchup or spit to get you off guard & then steal your valuables. Better clean it off once you get to a secure and less crowded area rather than have your things stolen.

Bus Modus (1) Bus Modus (2)

What’s your take on this?

Has anyone experienced the same? Do you know other modus operandi that we should be aware of?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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