Modus Operandi: Church Pickpocket Gang Warning

Sharing this to help save future victims.

modus operandi thieves in manila church

Last September 23, 2012 around 8:00 PM, these women went to Archdiocesan Shrine Of Jesus, the church near SM MALL OF ASIA not to attend mass but to find a perfect victim for their pick pocket activity.

What is shameful is that they sing, kneel and even went to the altar to be blessed by the priest after the mass and at the same time STEALING the new cellphone of a 15 year old girl.

Far from their knowledge that MOA civilian securities have been following them from the moment they entered the church due to their malicious actions which caught the attention of the securities.(salute to MOA security Alex Diaros and team)

What’s worse was they weren’t contented with just one victim, they followed another victim and tried to get his cellphone from his pocket, still within the church’s vicinity. Lucky for the “supposed” victim that he felt the hand of one of the criminals. Thus, his phone was saved.

From this time, the securities arrested the four and brought to the MOA Security room for investigation together with the two victims.

At first, they denied the crime but since there were security witnesses, they eventually admitted and the phone of the 15 year old was recovered. The sad part is that, the mother/companion of the teenager refused to cooperate and was even angry instead of being thankful.

The good thing is that the second victim pursued the complaint and the four were detained for 12 hours in a temporary detention near MOA. However, due to the system here in our country, the four are free after 12 hours and can do the same old modus again.

So here’s a post so that everyone may be familiar with their faces and names. Please see their names from top-left to right as you or your loved ones may be their next victim.

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Modus Operandi: Church Pickpocket Gang Warning