MODUS OPERANDI: Beware of Dura / Laglag Barya Gang

MODUS OPERANDI: Beware of Dura / Laglag Barya Gang


We’d like to share with you this post from which we translated in English so many people may be warned especially those who daily pass by Rosario area.

Again, please always be extra vigilant whenever commuting. Always secure your belongings or better if you can avoid bringing expensive gadgets in public places. It seems that many people have already been victimized by them, so we hope that by posting this, and with your help in sharing this article, we can prevent our fellow “kababayans” from being future victims. If you also have your own version, please don’t hesitate to share your stories with us.




Here’s the original story from :

Years ago, I’ve witnessed this so-called “Dura Gang” victimizing a lady while aboard a jeepney in Mandaluyong. Good thing, I’m aware about their modus and how they operate. I can only speculate and make theories if the driver and conductor were accomplices but thankfully, I’m glad I didn’t end up as a victim.

The Modus: 

Holy Tuesday, 3pm – Going home after work, I usually wait for a jeepney bound to JRU from Antipolo at the Rosario footbridge near Jollibee. I never thought I would be the target of that bogus gang.

I went in the jeep and seated at the right side where another 2 were also there. One side of the jeep can accommodate 10 passengers and during that time, our side can still fit 6 more.

After the jeepney went up the bridge from Rosario, 4-5 big (security-guard looking) men came in. The first man even pretended to have slipped and lost balance as he entered the jeep. The 2nd and 3rd men seated in opposite ends, sandwiching me and another female (office girl) passenger. She even smiled coz she thought the guys were being flirty. Then another 2 men sat at the opposite side. I immediately noticed they made eye to eye contact so that’s when I had a haunch.

The guy to entered last who was seated in front of me said,” Hey! You got spit on your shoulder, look at it! It was from the female passenger who left!” Another man pointed on my foot and said I stepped on a coin. Then the guy who insisted I had spit on my shoulder kept placing his foot to where my feet were, insisting I was placing the peso coin deep underneath the seats. Knowing about their modus, I didn’t give in. Then a guy handed me a peso and said, “ Hey can you hand this to the conductor since you refuse to bend down to get the peso on the floor?” It’s impossible for you not to notice their dubious motive as it was very obvious.

I noticed that the guy beside me  had a satchel which was big enough to cover his hand while snatching my cellphone that was in my front pocket. Good thing he sat at the cord of my headphones so I pretended to fix myself and things while pulling back my cord. I could really feel the bastard’s hand as he was robbing me, but I pretended not to know as I knew they were gonna make a scene.

Our jeep was almost near Ortigas Extension at Valle Verde, about a block away from Medical City. Good thing, it was a bit traffic so I decided to leave. The conductor allowed me to go down (perhaps he had no choice). I felt my pockets were heavy when I stood up then realized a hand was almost inside my pocket trying to get my phone so I just pretended to dust off the satchel bag I was holding in order to stand up.

Good thing I was able to quickly ride an FX. But while I was waiting for a new ride, I prayed hard hoping the 5 men wouldn’t  follow me as I was standing alone along a vacant lot. I thought maybe they would hurt and take my things in broad day light without anyone to help me.

Thank God I safely arrived home to share with you the MODUS of the “Dura/Laglag Barya Gang”


Friendly Advice:

No matter how alert your are and even if you think that misfortune won’t come your way, still, you should be aware and know what to do just in case. You have to have presence of mind and faith in God to spare you from this experience.


Additional Info:

The following day when I told this story to my officemates, I was surprised with what they all said. It seems that, the area is really a known area where they strike. I was even more surprised when they said I was lucky ‘coz nothing was taken from me.  From the 5 people I shared my story with, 4 of them also shared their own experiences. Two of them said their bags were slashed, while the other one said her boyfriend’s phone was stolen. And another one said he lost his phone from his pocket.


Original story from Jericho Carrillo –


What do you think should be done to put an end to their modus?

We would love to hear your thoughts.


MODUS OPERANDI: Beware of Dura / Laglag Barya Gang