Is the P2P Express Bus Service Worth It?

The MMDA has been promoting the P2P (point-to-point) express bus service recently, but I personally haven’t had any time to look for it/try it. Truth be told, I’ve been hiding out at home as much as possible lately to avoid the holiday rush since the traffic is crazy every time I head out into the city. I am quite excited to try it after the holidays, though, especially after I read Kons Koh’s post about it on his Facebook account as follows:

“Tried for the first time the P2P express bus service being promoted by MMDA. Rode the bus at Park Square in Ayala Center (opposite Dusit Thani Hotel). Although there was just about 10 of us, the bus left promptly at 4PM, and we arrived at the bus stop at Trinoma about 455PM. The actual ride from Makati to QC is about 45 minutes since 10 minutes was spent circling the perimeter of Ayala Center from Park Square to the EDSA-Ayala Ave flyover.”

P2P Bus Service

Bus stop at Trinoma

“As advertised, it did not make any stops in between. The bus units are new, with clean interiors and very good aircon (and not the air-kunwari type). With fare at PHP60, the savings in time, promptness of schedule and the comfortable ride was definitely worth it.”

P2P Bus Service

New, clean and airconed interiors

“I think this needs more marketing and exposure so more people ride it, and make the service viable for the operators, giving them incentive to continue the service (and not just a Holiday service as indicated by the title in MMDA’s FB post). It can be a good alternative for private car goers from QC and CAMANAVA areas going to Makati. It has the comfort and reliability of a private car ride, but without the hassle of driving, and at a significantly lesser cost.”

P2P Bus Service

“One item that can be improved upon at the TriNoma end is to make the stop closer to the terminal near the corner of North Ave. This will make the transfer to UV Express, PUJ, taxi and the private cars parked at Trinoma shorter and more convenient.”

This sounds great! I live in the South and this seems like a great solution to ensure that my travel time is reduced a little bit, even if I will have to pay a little bit more for it. What do you think? Have you tried the P2P express bus service yet?

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