Is Minute Burger closing down?

People all over the internet began panicking when Minute Burger posted a deliberately vague image on their Facebook account. The beloved burger franchise teased a poster with some very ominous captions. They wrote: “They say all good things must come to an end… Ma-mimiss niyo ba ako?”

Immediate speculation was to say the franchise must be closing down shop. What else could “hanggang sa muli…” mean, right? But others intervened with their own theories. Several people seem to think that this is just rebranding since the bottom right corner of the poster reads: #MayBago. Their guesses are that either the franchise will be renamed, or their products will be renamed.

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Of course, Minute Burger is keeping mum on what it actually means. But they do seem to be having a lot of fun in the comments section:

minute burger 1

Before you ask, they claim that this is not an April Fool’s prank. It is only March 26, after all:

minute burger 2

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What do you think they’re doing?