LOOK: This burger has wheels of cheese as its buns

This might be another reason to book a flight to Japan.

A restaurant chain in Japan known as Dom Dom released a limited-edition burger, but it is not like your regular burger. This burger comes with two beef patties, onion, tomato, and a slice of melted cheese. That may sound just normal but this burger has two wheels of camembert as buns instead of regular buns.

The said burger went viral on Twitter.

According to another Twitter post, the wheels of camembert are served cold.

Apparently, this limited edition camembert-bun burger is not available in all Dom Dom restaurants. From the shop’s website, the burger is sold at:

  • Kuwana FC
  • Hainan FC
  • Tsunogawa FC
  • Fuchu FC
  • Yamakyo building
  • Kojima
  • Mobara Asumo
  • Okanan
  • Ogaojima

Some Twitter posts say that this burger is worth the trip. We don’t know but we love cheese so that might be a bit true for us. LOL.

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