Into the Spider-verse’s ‘A Very Spidey Christmas’ is going to be your new favorite holiday album

If you’ve seen the new “Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse” then you probably aren’t over how amazing it was just yet. If you haven’t seen it… well you really should go out and see it right now, because it’s amazing. But for both groups of people, the “A Very Spidey Christmas” album is definitely worth checking out.

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A scene in the movie (very minor spoilers alert) shows a Spider-man singing a few bars of “Spidey-bells” — the lyrics go pretty much as you would expect them to from that title. And because this movie is the gift that doesn’t stop giving, they actually came up with an entire EP featuring Spidey themed Christmas carols.

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The team behind “Into the Spider-verse” didn’t cut any corners when creating this album, either. Each song on the album has original lyrics, all made special for whoever character is singing it.

In the first, we have Shameik Moore (Miles Morales) singing his own version of “Joy To The World”. A few of the lyrics go: “Joy to the world / I keep saving / maybe I could get paid”. We also have Chris Pine’s (Peter Parker) rendition of Jingle Bells, where he sings: “Spidey-bells, spidey-bells / quipping all the time / oh, what fun to swing around New York while fighting crime”.

The witty words and clever rhymes are going to be a great addition to any holiday playlist. It’s always good to shake up a Christmas celebration with fresh songs. You can check out the whole album on Spotify or on the video below:

What did you think of the album? Let us know your favorite track! 


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